Saturday Sweets: Five Reasons To Visit Happy Place Donuts

happy place donuts

Located on the historical Española Way in Miami Beach, you’ll find the 4,000-square-foot donut boutique Happy Place Donuts. Happy Place Donuts debuted early spring 2018 as a new outpost from Sugar Factory. While Miami has definitely had its year of the donut, Happy Place Donuts is bringing more than just donuts to the table.

Here’s five reason you should head to Happy Place Donuts, immediately — if not sooner!

Sweets on sweets on sweets

Sugar Factory is known for its over the top dessert menu, so it’s no surprise that a donut shop from them would have plenty of sweets to choose from. The menu features freshly made, signature donuts and pastries including hot Happy Dough Balls that are inspired by Italian street fare (think donut holes covered in powdered sugar), rainbow donuts, homemade pop tarts, and homemade gelato. Homemade pop tarts are a specialty made with flaky cream cheese pastry dough coming in classic sweet flavors including strawberry jam, Nutella, and guava and cream cheese swirl.


An excuse to stroll down Espanola Way

espanola way

Happy Place Donuts is located on one of Miami’s most underrated streets, Espanola Way. This charming pedestrian-only street is home to several shops and restaurants. Happy Place Donuts is the sweet spot we didn’t know was missing.


Over the top lattes and milkshakes

happy place donuts

Sometimes you just want to be a little extra with our coffee, and Happy Place Donuts is there for you. Check out the Hazelnut Crunch iced coffee with Double Espresso, whole milk, mixed with Nutella topped with whipped cream and roasted hazelnut pieces. Or skip the coffee and go full on sugar shock with a milkshake like the Turtle Salty Cheesecake with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream with cheesecake chunks, roasted graham cracker, chocolate and salty caramel sauce.


Donut sandwiches

happy place donuts

While most of the menu focuses on the sweet side, don’t slack on the savory donut sandwiches.  Order one for yourself (you won't want to share) with layers of black forest ham and monterey jack cheese on a simple brioche donut covered in powdered sugar is one for the books. There's also a turkey and white cheddar sandwich, but there's something about the salty ham that gets us every time. 


Gummy bears

Happy Place Donuts is also home to Sugar Factory’s Gummy World. Miami’s first gummy shop where a massive gummy bear machine is churning out up to 20,000 custom-flavored gummies a day. And these aren’t your average gummies — on this menu you’ll find alcohol-infused gummy bears in rosé, Champagne and peach bellini.

Happy Place Donuts  

507 Espanola Way

Miami Beach, FL 33139