Gan Bae (or Cheers!) to Pocha in Lauderhill

The Gagit’s Travel to Lauderhill to visit the Kim’s new Korean Pub, Pocha.

What a great foodie experience it was meeting Susan Kim of Pocha to discuss the opening of her and her husband Fred’s new venture into Korean Pub Food and share the experience with their loyal and devoted customers.

After 14 years of enjoying the growing success of Gabose, traditional sit-down Korean, the Kim’s decided to share the “real people” Korean experience with their customers.

Pocha, as a matter of fact, by loose definition is a wrapped tent where the local’s in a section of Koreatown, go to enjoy a casual night out. In fact, Susan stated it is close to a Food Truck but without the wheels. In this context, on one of the walls, there is a mural sent here from her daughter in Korea that depicts what one would see outside the tent. The mural is as realistic as it gets to show real life in the Korean neighborhood.

We are seated at the communal table as Susan and her manager Daniel bring out a typical menu that one would drink and eat inside the Pocha.

We start with an Apple infused Korean Vodka, called Soju, this is a drinking pub so who are we to not join? As a Korean Amuse, all customers are served a Korean Pancake Omelet with vegetables.

Our first course is Singapore Chicken Shake. Shake the bag and mix up herbs and spices and then open and serve. We follow this with Chicken Gizzards, Korean style, crisp and tasty with lemon to squeeze on top. Now one of my favorites, Tofu Shitake, mushrooms and tofu served in their juices.

And since, this a pub we need to refuel for our main courses, @foodiechic has a house specialty a strawberry “shrub” of homemade liquors as I go real man and have a bottle of Soju, “Gan Bae,” Cheers in Korean. Most dishes have add-ons and the next dish is a Carbonera style dish, creamed Tuboki, with Ramen Noodles, Cheese and my favorite add on... Spam.  Spam is a very popular dish in Korea and Pocha offers it in many dishes and as I am a member of the Spam Fan Club, I am ready to try all the dishes that you can add Spam too, even ordered double Spam in the dish shown.

The last main dish we ordered was a bowl of Odeng Bokkeum, Fishcake, Chicken, and vegetables.  Fishcake is a real traditional pub food staple and this dish really made it the star. As we sat at the communal table we met another diner who was alone, and so we shared our dishes with her and she shared hers, rice balls, mussels and even fresh Abalone, flown in from Korea and one of the live dishes served at Pocha. Yes, live Octopus coming soon crawling on your table. The communal table really adds to the Korean Pub experience.

We have no room for dessert but I have to end the night with Kimchee, a real palate cleanser. In ending the night and saying goodbye to Susan and our new friend, I was advised that next time to plan for a long night at this pub and it is best to order Red Cap or Uber and Gan Bae all night!


4933 N University Dr.

Lauderhill, FL

954 999 0603