Breakfast with the Beast: an update on what's going in Miami's comfort food world.

If you're a fan of food in South Florida you will agree with me that Sef Gonzalez, a.k.a. Burger Beast needs no introduction. His highly popular blog is the most comprehensive compendium of comfort food lists, "where to" updates and events there is; he is single handily responsible for curating and organizing the vast majority of food truck events in this part of the country.

I recently met with Sef over breakfast to discuss his upcoming events, particularly the Burger Brawl planned for this coming May 9th from 7-10 pm at Magic City Casino in celebration of National Burger Month.  If you like hamburgers and haven't done so, I suggest you stop reading this and head over to his blog to hunt down a pair of tickets. The line-up is as impressive as it gets when it comes to restaurants known for a great burger. There are over 20 competitors including; Shake Shack, Blue Collar, Burger and Beer Joint, Eating House, Bread and Butter Counter and Pincho Factory just to name a few. The event will settle once and for all, the debate about who can make South Florida's best burger.

For our breakfast sit-down, I suggested Latin American Bakery, sister to the Latin American restaurant I mentioned in my recent MIAbites "CCC Tour" post. It seemed appropriate since it was Sef himself who pointed me there when I asked him where I could find the best Cuban Sandwich. Putting together two of Miami's worst gluttony offenders led to a breakfast table that could've fed an army, yet it was just the two of us. We enjoyed croquetas, pan con tortilla, medianoches, "Elena Ruz" (more on her later)", all over a colada of course. Confused about what is all that? Let the pictures do the talking and head over there one day for breakfast. You won't regret it. Not only is their medianoche sandwich probably the best in town, the vast selection of breakfast options is impressive, including Elena Ruz. Apparently Elena was a young Cuban lady that used to order this sandwich combination so frequently back in Cuba, that it stuck and became a staple. The combination is strange, but not so much if you enjoy eating turkey breast with sweet cranberry. Elena chose to blend in some cream cheese and ..... a star was born; or a monster? You be the judge.


Sef couldn't contain his excitement about the Burger Brawl; of the many varied participating restaurants he confessed he is most excited about Josh's Deli, since Joshua Marcus will be creating a pastrami burger and Argentinian Steakhouse Graziano's, since they actually do not have a burger on their regular menu. His passion for creating events like this one channels through into making sure they are an enjoyable experience for attendees and not just another eat-a-thon. He places a great deal of attention to detail and to logistics, down to the optimum number of attendees that will neither make it a dessert island nor an uncomfortable mosh pit.

Apart from the Burger Brawl, Sef is also working on a Hot Dog Fest on July 13th in Sweetwater, a Mexican food focused "El Main Evento" on September 21st, , and one very close to his heart (if you follow him on Instagram you will know what I mean), the "Croquetapalooza on October 12th. Head over to his blog for a full calendar of events plus access to all his "Best Of" lists of burgers, flans, fritas, croquetas, hot dogs, and just about any comfort food you can dream of. Burger Beast.

For tickets to Burger Brawl of just to stay up on Burger Beasts Miami blog :