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Shop Local at Urban Oasis Projects Farmers Markets

Celebrate local farmers and shop farmers markets for fresh fruit and produce in South Florida!. On a recent Saturday, the fresh fruit and vegetable enthusiast that I am, ventured down to the Southwest Farmers Market at Tropical Park (open year-round, Saturdays from 9 am - 3 pm) to experience what they had to offer.  

The Urban Oasis Project local produce farm stand was the main draw for me but there were other vendors to see as well.

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The 2019 James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project in South Florida

This year marks the 5th Annual Blended Burger Project™ hosted by the James Beard Foundation.

A Blended Burger is made up of a patty that contains at least 25% fresh mushrooms, and many will find that blended burgers are tastier while being more healthy and sustainable. This years burgers even include some completely plant-based burgers as well.

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Wellness Wednesday: Retreat Season at The Carillon Miami Beach

The Carillon Wellness Resort in North Beach offers a world class spa (formerly Canyon Ranch), thermal experience, 4 pools, a fitness center, and 20 fitness classes a day, in addition to its luxury hotel accommodations and beachside restaurant, The Strand.

And beginning End May-October, the Carillon offers special 3-day Wellness Retreats that are both educational, informative and relaxing.

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Wellness Wednesday: Eat Healthy in Miami with Healthy Bowls & Vegetarian/Vegan Dining

Summer in Miami is here and getting that bikini body in shape requires some healthy eating choices. So, let the healthy eating begin at these Miami places, feel better and even maybe lose some of those extra pounds.  


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Hidden Farms in Key West - Florida Keys Garden

The wildly diverse ecosystems of the Florida Keys can perhaps best be discovered in hidden gardens, tucked off main roads and the Overseas Highway throughout the 125-mile-long island chain. While visiting Key West, I was looking for a salt farm but instead stumbled upon Tammy Germain’s microgreen farm, Florida Keys Garden.

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Seek The Beauty: A Sustainable Supper Club at Harpke Farm

Having been born and raised in Miami, most people find it incredible that the first time I ever visited the Everglades was only a couple of years ago - at the ripe age of twenty-three. It took me until then to venture out to our city’s closest national park - a gorgeous World Heritage site that protects a unique ecosystem full of wetland creatures.

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8 Places to Eat Vegan and Plant-based in Miami

Two years ago, Miami vegetarians and vegans had few options for dining out. A few juice bars offered fresh salads and wraps, but enjoying a healthy or plant-based dinner out was non-existent. Today, Miami is a center of creative chefs offering colorful and flavorful vegan and vegetarian dishes even your carnivore loving friend will love. Here are some of our favorites.

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Slow Food Miami's "Snail of Approval" Tasting Party Returns on March 14th

Slow Food Miami’s “Snail of Approval” Tasting Party hosted by Kelly Blanco of NBC 6 returns for its eighth year on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Regarded as Miami’s Freshest Night Out, the annual celebration will be held from 7PM to 10PM at The Palms Hotel & Spa, home to farm-to-table concept Essensia Restaurant & Lounge.

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Wellness Wednesday: Dry January Made Easy with These Miami Mocktails

If you’re anything like us, then you probably over-indulged a bit during the holidays. Now that the new year is here, it’s time to pull back just a little. We aren’t going full “new year, new you,” but some of us are taking it easy when it comes to happy hour.

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Wellness Wednesday: Book Review- Vegan Challenge and book Giveaway

With another new year inching closer, we often prioritize our health and diet as the first thing to address. Gym memberships have “New Year, New You” specials and everyone goes on diets and tries new things. Veganism is on the rise and for good reasons. Continue reading for contest to win a copy of Vegan Challenge by Lisa Montgomery.

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Wellness Wednesday: Sustainable Supperclub with Hungry Harvest

Did you know that grocery stores reject fresh produce purely for cosmetic reasons? Common reasons for produce being classified as “ugly” may be because they are too small, the wrong color, slightly bruised or a weird shape. Taste and nutrition aren’t compromised, yet these fruits and vegetables are discarded. This is where Hungry Harvest comes in.

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Wellness Wednesday: Miami's Best Workouts For Fall

Bikini season is over for most of the country, but even with fall officially here there’s very little sweater weather happening. While food is very important (it’s everything to us), fitness is as well — which is why we’ve scoped out the top workouts in Miami to keep you in shape this fall.

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