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Stephen's Deli and La Cocina: Classic and New in Hialeah

On a journey along some backroads and twist and turns deep in an ordinary part of Hialeah is a historic beacon. Something that stands out and makes you wonder “what do they have to offer?”

That beacon is Stephen’s Deli. A New York style delicatessen that opened in 1954 and happens to be one of Hialeah’s first and oldest deli. Opened when Hialeah was predominantly Jewish, the deli has changed hands a few times over the years.

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Wellness Wednesday: Gluten-free dining in South Florida

My journey with Celiac disease, an auto immune disease in which the ingestion of gluten leads to damage of the small intestine, began in 2014. Although gluten free food options have tremendously increased since that time, there is still a lack of understanding and care for those with my specific dietary need.  So if you're like me, finding a restaurant that offers gluten free options can be extremely difficult. Luckily, I have found a few places in South Florida that fit the bill (and which I frequent very often). 

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Wellness Wednesday: 6 Places to Eat Vegan and Plant-based in Miami

The environment and climate change are literally “hot topics” today. Did you know that the #4 solution to REVERSING climate change ( (#3 is reducing food waste) is adopting a plant-based diet? Decomposing plants and vegetables contribute minimal greenhouse gases while raising livestock for meat, eggs and dairy contributes over 14% of the methane gas.

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Miami Spice Preview at The Fontainebleau Miami Beach

August is coming and in Miami that means Miami Spice. Over 215 restaurants all over are perfecting their craft to make sure every bite of your 3-course experience is as perfect as the last. Recently, the iconic Fontainebleau on Miami Beach invited a group of us to visit and try out their Miami Spice menu

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The 2019 James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project in South Florida

This year marks the 5th Annual Blended Burger Project™ hosted by the James Beard Foundation. And voting for the BEST Blended Burger ends on July 31st! Vote here.

A Blended Burger is made up of a patty that contains at least 25% fresh mushrooms, and many will find that blended burgers are tastier while being more healthy and sustainable. This years burgers even include some completely plant-based burgers as well.

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Say "Oui" and Celebrate Bastille Day in Miami

The French holiday is formally called “La Fête Nationale” and is celebrated each year on July 14. The holiday recognizes and celebrates the storming of the Bastille penitentiary, which ultimately helped usher in the French Revolution. It also represents the overthrow of the tyranny of the French monarchy and King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Below are our picks for the best fetes in Miami to celebrate #BastilleDay and enjoy the best of French food even after the celebration winds down:

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$10 Pasta Week at Macchialina July 8-11

Always a coveted Thursday night reservation, Macchialina, is extending its incredibly popular $10 Pasta Thursday promotion to a weeklong celebration of Summer and to thank the loyal locals for supporting them all year. Starting TODAY, Monday July 8th through Thursday July 11th, guests will be able to enjoy a selection of $10 pasta dishes.

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