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Wellness Wednesday: Sustainable Supperclub brings awareness to food waste

What started off as a modest idea as a shared passion between two friends to eliminate food waste led to the creation of Sustainable Supperclub. In 2017, Mayela Lanza learned of a New York-based dinner that started the dialogue on sustainable food systems. Loving the idea, Mayela shared her discovery with her good friend, Jennifer Weinberg, and both women were inspired to take action.

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Weekly Nibble Miami: Bourbon Month, Cheeseburger Day, OB Food & Wine Fest , Chicken Parm Hero and more

The Weekly Nibble from MIAbites features a curated listing of unique, fun and creative dining events and options in the Miami area. Please confirm details ahead of time and make reservations as needed.

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Stephen's Deli and La Cocina: Classic and New in Hialeah

On a journey along some backroads and twist and turns deep in an ordinary part of Hialeah is a historic beacon. Something that stands out and makes you wonder “what do they have to offer?”

That beacon is Stephen’s Deli. A New York style delicatessen that opened in 1954 and happens to be one of Hialeah’s first and oldest deli. Opened when Hialeah was predominantly Jewish, the deli has changed hands a few times over the years.

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Weekly Nibble Miami: Guest Chef dinners at Three, Mignonette, Slow Food at Generator, Pie of The Month and more

We are grateful that Hurricane Dorian did not impact our beautiful Miami. Our hearts go our to our Bahamian neighbors. Please consider donating to the many relief organizations including Chef José Andres, World Central Kitchen.

The Weekly Nibble from MIAbites features a curated listing of unique, fun and creative dining events and options in the Miami area. Please confirm details ahead of time and make reservations as needed. Stay Calm and Nibble On!

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Wabi Sabi by Chef Shuji Hiyakawa: Simple and Elegant Sushi

Where to find fresh sushi is a popular conversation among Miamians. While a number of places offer sushi on their menu, it is not the main focus and many times the sushi is “tricked out” with sauces and decorative items that may diminish the raw fish.

Not so, at new Wabi Sabi by Shuji in Upper Biscayne/ MiMo area on NE 79th St.

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Wellness Wednesday: Gluten-free dining in South Florida

My journey with Celiac disease, an auto immune disease in which the ingestion of gluten leads to damage of the small intestine, began in 2014. Although gluten free food options have tremendously increased since that time, there is still a lack of understanding and care for those with my specific dietary need.  So if you're like me, finding a restaurant that offers gluten free options can be extremely difficult. Luckily, I have found a few places in South Florida that fit the bill (and which I frequent very often). 

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Weekly Nibble: National Rum Day in Miami

National Rum Day was Friday, August 16 and Miami was one of the best places in the U.S.A. to celebrate this National holiday. This week’s MIAbites Weekly Nibble is all about Rum Day celebrations! While you may have missed the “official” celebrations, rest assured that RUM is still flowing at all of the below mentioned watering holes.

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Wellness Wednesday: 6 Places to Eat Vegan and Plant-based in Miami

The environment and climate change are literally “hot topics” today. Did you know that the #4 solution to REVERSING climate change ( (#3 is reducing food waste) is adopting a plant-based diet? Decomposing plants and vegetables contribute minimal greenhouse gases while raising livestock for meat, eggs and dairy contributes over 14% of the methane gas.

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Saturday Sweets: Back to School with Nutella Rice Krispies

RECIPE: Nutella Rice Krispies

Back to School is here. Schools officially open on August 19th so please Drive Carefully and treat your kids after school (or pack for their lunch) to these Nutella Rice Krispie treats. If you know me, then you know Nutella is the greatest thing ever invented in my eyes. 

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Weekly Nibble: Domino Night, Birthday Pastelito Eating Contest, National Rum Day, Dog Day and More

With Miami Spice in full swing, we thought a MIAbites Weekly Nibble of things “other than Spice” might be of interest. Of course, Miami Spice is very awesome and we have compiled OUR own list of favorites which we will “reveal” in our Monday Newsletter. If you are not yet a subscriber, sign up for 1X a week news, reviews and views.

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