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Where to get Oysters in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

National Oyster Day was Saturday, August 5th... a day eagerly awaited by mollusk lovers all over Miami and beyond.  OK. so you missed it.  BUT, here are the spots that offer some delicious and fresh oysters  Every Day of the Year.  Iced cold oysters are the perfect summer food...high in protein, low in calories, full of zinc and other beneficial minerals, good fat and certainly a better choice for salt cravings than a bag of chips. 

There are over 150 varieties of true oysters but actually only 5 species and traditionally they are named after the body of water or bay in which they are grown and are known by a myriad of names such as Wellfleets, Blue Points, Kumamoto and Kuushi.  

The flavor varies depending on the type of conditions or Terroir they are grown in; rocky soil, tidal or brackish water, etc. with the Northeast areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine providing some of the most delicious and accessible oysters. 

Miami is no stranger to these briny bivalve mollusks, and in celebration of National Oyster Day, here are some local options to slurp up a half shell:

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