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First Taste: Sushi, Sake and Sunny at Sushi Garage

Summers in Miami call for refreshing new menus. And so we were excited to be invited to get a first taste of what Chef Sunny Oh of Sushi Garage had created for Summer 2017.

It is called Sushi, Sake & Sunny and it is meant for two to share. Priced at $70 for two, bring your best foodie friend for the ride.

We sat a few tables across from the open kitchen and quickly reviewed the tasting menu. The clean contemporary lines in the room’s décor complemented the items on the menu.

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Chef Bee offers Thai Brunch at NaiYaRa

NaiYaRa has brought Miami’s first-ever Thai inspired brunch to Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor neighborhood. Culinary mastermind, Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, better known as “Chef Bee,” crafted the creative brunch menu by bridging the gap between Thai food and Miami Beach flare and including something for everyone.

Guests can now nurse all hangovers every Sunday from Noon to 3 PM at NaiYaRa.

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A shift in healthy eating at Paradigm Kitchen

One of the definitions of paradigm is “an example serving as a model or standard”.  Setting a standard for fresh, healthy food is what JugoFresh founder; Matthew Sherman strives to do at Sunset Harbour’s Paradigm Kitchen (or fondly referred to PK by those in the know).

On a sunny day, Andy Giambarba and I chose PK as our MIAbites meet up and at first glance, I was overwhelmed by the variety of healthy, colorful and creative dishes.  The menu, which is mostly locally sourced, features breakfast and lunch items, and offers organic, farm-raised chicken and meats, or local fish in a variety of wraps, bowls and salads.  There are also vegan and gluten-free options. And fresh juices, Per'la coffee and cold brew and a large variety of Orteas teas.  They are also exploring adding sustainable/organic beer and wine to their beverage menu. 

It shifts the way one thinks of clean eating without hitting you over the head with too much of a “far out hippie” mentality.  In the open kitchen is Val Chang, who comes to PK with know-how from her Dad's kosher sushi spot, 26 in Surfside.

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