Meatless Monday: Nourish the Body, Nourish the Soul at Soul Tavern


As we know, the body is our temple which houses the heart, lungs, kidneys etc. and when any of part of our body is undernourished our whole inner ecosystem is out of balance.  We can nourish our bodies many ways through exercise, yoga, meditation but what we eat, breath, drink and think are vitally important as well. 

This seems obvious to some but where can we find this nourishment other than cooking or eating at home?  Fortunately, a new crop of restaurants is popping up in Miami that are plant-based, locally sourced and organically sound such as Soul Tavern tucked away in the Sunset Harbor area of Miami. 

Jason Gordon, the owner, or should I say, Dr. Jason Gordon whose credentials as a Chinese doctor are extensive, came up with this concept while taking clients on wellness retreats.  Dr. Gordon thought why not create a place in a retreat-like setting so that clients or just visitors could visit regularly?  With a thoughtfully created menu executed by Chef Kinsler Josaime, Jason Gordon has done just that.  Jason has not only created an oasis in buzzy Sunset Harbor, but a vegan, vegetarian, in some cases GF menu and a variety of drinks (elixirs) designed for balancing your inner ecosystem based on the five elements (fire, earth, wood, water, and earth) of Chinese medicine.

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Eggplant Medallion Ratatouille

Lucky for us, Soul Tavern recently opened for lunch from 12-3 pm and offers an extensive menu of shared plates, salads, sides and cold pressed juices and Kombucha.  Dining outside in a Zen garden-like setting we sampled a fresh and flavorful assortment that included a colorful and refreshing Eggplant Medallion ratatouille with sweet potato and kale hash.

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Jackfruit Gyoza

A lightly sautéed Jackfruit, shitake and cabbage Gyoza, with a scallion shoyu vinegar dipping sauce had all the Asian flavors one would expect.

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Hearts of Palm Salad

A bright green Hearts of Palm Salad with avocado was thankfully dressed lightly in a coconut curry vinaigrette.

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Mushroom Tacos

The Wild Mushroom Tacos with edamame pico de gallo, poblano pesto and watermelon radish were very good although a bit on the dry side and might need more pesto on the side.

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Fig Squares dessert

Dessert followed with rich Black Mission Fig Squares topped with coconut sugar and rum reduction, and a hot herbal Nourish the Upper balancing beverage. 

Soul Tavern Miami Beach Prayer Wheels

On your way out make sure you stop to spin clockwise the Tibetan prayer wheels positioned at the front entrance.  Jason Gordon encourages you to spin as much as you want citing the Buddhist Prayer,  “May all beings find ultimate happiness.  May all beings be freed from suffering”.

And mark your calendar for Thursday, February 22nd, as Soul Tavern will be host to one of the local South Beach Wine & Food Festival Intimate dinners, featuring Chef Josaime and celeb chefs Anita Lo of NYC Annisa, and Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy as they prepare a delicious vegetarian based dinner.  Get your SOBEWFF tickets here

Soul Tavern 

1801 West Ave.

Miami Beach, FL

305 925 0799