First Taste: Sushi, Sake and Sunny at Sushi Garage

Sushi Garage Miami Nigiri

Summers in Miami call for refreshing new menus. And so we were excited to be invited to get a first taste of what Chef Sunny Oh of Sushi Garage had created for Summer 2017.

It is called Sushi, Sake & Sunny and it is meant for two to share. Priced at $70 for two, bring your best foodie friend for the ride.

We sat a few tables across from the open kitchen and quickly reviewed the tasting menu. The clean contemporary lines in the room’s décor complemented the items on the menu.

Sushi Garage Miami Sake Edamame

For starters, our server brought out a bowl of edamame along with a bottle of Soto Sake. The edamame was topped with sweet shishito peppers and sea salt flakes.

Following the theme of fresh and simple ingredients, the next dishes were presented on the plate in an orderly fashion. We had two rolls followed by the chef’s choice of ten nigiri, which are slices of raw fish over rice.

Sushi Garage Lemon and Veggie Roll

First, we dug into the Lemon Veggie Roll. This summery light bite made it easy to transition into the Hamachi Scallion Micro Cilantro Roll. Both were full of bright citrus flavors.

Sushi Garage Miami Nigiri

Sharing comes naturally with this menu. The ten pieces of nigiri came in pairs from salmon to yellowtail, tuna and a couple more. Each is paired with a delicious sauce for dipping. You may find yourself grabbing pieces of the nigiri and transitioning back to the veggie or hamachi rolls seamlessly.

Sushi Garage Matcha Tea Shot

Our menu tasting culminated with the Sushi Garage Shot. Take it back in one shot—pun intended—or take it down in a few sips. This sweet and tart dessert beverage has lychee, pear, coconut and matcha in it that will take away some of the guilt from the sweet beaten egg whites on top. With just the right amounts, this menu for two will satisfy your taste buds on any hot night of the week.

Maybe it should be renamed Sushi, Sake, Sunny and Summer!

Sushi Garage

1784 West Ave,

Miami Beach, FL 33139 

(305) 763-8355