Chef Bee offers Thai Brunch at NaiYaRa

Popcorn Shrimp Bahn Mi at NaiYaRa Miami  

Popcorn Shrimp Bahn Mi at NaiYaRa Miami 

NaiYaRa has brought Miami’s first-ever Thai inspired brunch to Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor neighborhood. Culinary mastermind, Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, better known as “Chef Bee,” crafted the creative brunch menu by bridging the gap between Thai food and Miami Beach flare and including something for everyone.

Guests can now nurse all hangovers every Sunday from Noon to 3 PM at NaiYaRa.

NaiYaRa Miami Interior

Even with its upscale approach to Thai, there’s something comforting about NaiYaRa. Maybe it’s the warm light that flows throughout the restaurant from the hanging stick lanterns, or maybe it’s Chef Bee’s aura as he walks around checking on guests. Whether you’re sitting inside or outside, its ambiance makes for an ideal brunch location.

NaiYara Brunch Cocktails

There’s no better way to cure a hangover than with the hair of the dog, so cocktails were in order. We started with The Sloe Boat made up of Hayman’s Sloe Gin, Pomegranate Shrub, Lemon and Sparkling Water. The sweetness from the pomegranate was perfectly balanced by the lemon and made for a refreshing start to our meal.

Suggested by our waiter as a “must-have,” we ordered the Mary Mary, a savory Asian-approach to a Bloody Mary. Being the tequila-lover that I am, I chose Espolon Silver for my base, as opposed to Absolut. The Mary Mary also included Fresh Yellow Tomato, Rice Wine Vinegar, Cilantro, Lime, Thai Bird Chili, Horseradish and was beautifully topped with a bite of Cucumber Hamachi Crudo. It was stellar. I’m a HUGE fan of savory components in a cocktail, so the Mary Mary was right up my alley. I’d risk another hangover if it meant I could drink these all brunch long.

All brunch options are new to NaiYaRa’s menu and were created to “comfort the weekend soul,” Chef Bee says. Split into three sections, the menu includes “Snacks,” “Lighter Fare” and “Momma’s Thai Brunch,” all of which are intended to be shared. We worked our way down the menu and ordered something from each section.

NaiYaRa Brunch Buns and Biscuits

Both the Soft-Shell Crab Thai Buns and the Fried Duck & Biscuits immediately jumped out at me when I looked at the menu. The lightly fried Buns were pillowy soft and worked as an incredible contrast to the crispy Soft-Shell Crab nestled inside. The Eel Mayonnaise coating the inside of the buns provided a bit of creaminess which was then balanced by the tang of the Homemade Pickles.

NaiYaRa Brunch Duck and Biscuits

I loved Chef’s interpretation of traditional brunch dish, fried chicken and biscuits. The Chinese Five-Spice Biscuits offer an aromatic twist to traditional biscuits and the richer taste of duck (when compared to chicken) makes for an awesome dish. I think my favorite part was the sweetness of the Spicy Tamarind Sauce slathered on the inside. It made for the perfect bite.


To cut down the fattiness of the fried snacks, we chose the Raw Platter, which was beautifully presented. All pieces of fish (6 Sashimi, 3 Sushi, Wakame Salad and Kani Roll) were incredibly fresh and such a great option if you like to start your day on the #healthy side.

NaiYaRa Brunch Bahn Mi

Our waiter suggested we try one of the Bahn Mi and that we did. We chose the Popcorn Shrimp Bahn Mi and, man, was it delicious. The bread, a crunchy French baguette, was coated with Nam Prik Pao, Thai chili paste that made for an explosion of flavor. The shrimp was perfectly fried and crispy without being too heavy. It was amazing.

NaiYara Roti with Coconut Ice Cream

You’d think I wouldn’t have room for dessert, but with a black hole for a stomach, there’s always room ;) The biggest recommendation I received was that I couldn’t leave NaiYaRa’s brunch without trying the Sweet Roti, an Indian-style sweet pancake topped with Condensed Milk and Coconut Ice Cream. Wow. No one was lying. The Roti is a must. Even days after having it I’m still dreaming about it.

If you’re looking for a new brunch spot or even a place to spend your Sunday Funday, look no further than NaiYaRa. It’s the perfect marriage of Asian cuisine with a Miami Beach twist that has something for everyone.


1854 Bay Road

Miami Beach, FL.

(786) 275-6005