Mignonette Opening- MIAbites style!

Mignonette, the new restaurant collaboration between Danny Serfer of Blue Collar fame and blogger extraordinaire Ryan Roman, has become the talk of the town in just the few days since its official opening on August 15th. My wife and I had our first dinner experience there this past Saturday, when the restaurant was already full of happy eaters, including quite a few MIAbites contributors.

The restaurant pays homage to simply prepared seafood, with some detours into non-seafood territory, including Danny’s famous prime rib. During this visit, we sampled the popcorn conch, grouper crudo, deviled eggs with lobster, a couple of vegetable dishes,  and the fancy seafood tower, which included two  varieties of oysters, plus clams, shrimp cocktail, crabmeat cocktail, Tasmanian lobster tails, and king crab legs. With a dish like this, where the seafood is served either raw or barely cooked, with nothing but simple dipping sauces, the quality of the raw material cannot be masked; here, everything shined, and all that was needed was a squeeze of lemon, a few drops of the restaurant’s namesake Mignonette sauce for the oysters, or a bit of drawn butter for the lobster and crab meats.

We closed the meal with a serving of bourbon bread pudding with a dollop of cayenne-spiked whipped cream. Other dessert options include a daily offering of fruit pie, and a lemon bar.

The wine and beer menu is playful, with about 15 different -mostly craft- beers, and a reasonably extensive wine list with some good finds in the 30-something dollar range, as well as pricier, more ambitious wines. The by-the-glass list includes a couple dozen well curated choices.

This is the type of place for any occasion; one can easily unwind with a beer and a half-dozen oysters at the end of the workday; enjoy a delicious seafood dinner for a fraction of what one would pay at the likes of Milos or Prime Fish, or, for those rare special occasions, go all the way with caviar and champagne service, all in the midst of the same friendly atmosphere that made Blue Collar the locals’ favorite that it is.

Kudos to Danny and Ryan. You have a winning formula.


Here's what some of our other MIABites contributors who visited Mignonette over the weekend also added:

Allison Riley- Y'all Taste This
"That monkfish is amazing! It's rare to find monkfish on a Miami menu, but what's even rarer is a chef that gets it right. This cut is perfection. Cooked just to the right temperature so that it maintains its meaty texture while also being moist and tender. The smoked trout roe and rich broth served with it are nice touches as well. All in all, a great dish!"

Javier Ramirez- Gourmand J

"Daniel Serfer has done for the Lobster Roll at Mignonette what he did to the Hamburger at Blue Collar, i.e. create the best in town"

"Crudos in Miami despite its proximity to water are often bland or rarely can you taste the actual fish, at Mignonette , they change theirs daily and let the fish shine on its own "

Melissa Ginsberg- The Foodie Teacher 

"It's such a relief to finally have a laid back, neighborhood spot that serves a rotating selection of great oysters and also delicious food! Miami has been in need of this for a long time and Danny and Ryan have really outdone themselves. I really enjoyed the Boston lettuce salad, as well. The buttermilk dressing wasn't too heavy or overbearing and the pickled shallots added a nice flavor. It's a wonderful way to cool off with the oppressive heat.  The popcorn conch in another dish not to be missed! Succulent pieces of conch are lightly fried and served with a homemade cocktail sauce and a spicy tartar sauce. Perfection! "

Brandon Chase- The Bowtie Barrister

"You could say Melissa( Ginsberg ) and I have a special place in our hearts for Danny Serfer.  We had our first blind date at Blue Collar.  Since then, Serfer has not only been a great local chef we have constantly supported, but also someone we consider a friend (how many chefs do you know who would provide an entire recipe of theirs to let you recreate a meal for an anniversary). 

So, as soon as we heard about Serfer's second restaurant, Mignonette, we knew we were in for a treat.  Our first trip to Mignonette was superb.  Seeing as we both are ostreaphiles, ordering two of each oyster was in order.  While Melissa and I remain a house divided (she's an east coast gal, while I love the west) each pristine oyster shone through with the simple namesake, mignonette, and a light squirt of lemon.  While it has been said before, I am going to say it again, that lobster roll ... WOW.  I just regret not ordering a third.  Finally a local oyster and seafood bar with unpretentious food and service, just the way we like it.  Bravo to Danny and Ryan.  Another A+ creation." 

So... without wasting another "Mignonette"...head over for fresh oysters, buttery lobster and delicately prepared crudos and fresh fish.


210 NE 18th Street

Miami, FL 33132

Please park in parking lot on NE 2nd Court between 18th Street and 17th Terrace.  Metered street parking is also available.

305 374 4635

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