Cinco de Drinko: Cocktails from Jen Massolo for AC Hotel

Cinco de Mayo Tequila and Mezcal cocktails

I was thrilled to be asked to develop beverage, food and lifestyle programs for the U.S. flagship AC Hotel in Miami Beach, 29th and Collins.  

Now open almost a yearThe AC a division of Marriott and a Spanish brand of hotels, provided me with inspiration to develop a tapas-style bar. The AC Lounge is the perfect place to start one's evening or enjoy a light meal with great cocktails.

In addition to some craft cocktails made with good ingredients, gins, whiskies and fortified wines such as sherry and vermouths will be the focus of the AC Lounge. But this hotel has even more to offer.  There is a luxury pool deck on the 8th floor roof and a outdoor, leisure sports lounge on the 3rd floor including ping pong, billiards and bocce. 

Here are a couple recipes I developed for AC Hotel that work well for Cinco de Mayo festivities at home with friends.

What is key to a good cocktail are good ingredients.  We have used both a tequila and mezcal here that I love.  They each are of very high quality, well priced and good for sipping or in a cocktail.

The first Cinco de Mayo cocktail is with Mezcal and is a twist on a negroni. A negroni is a great way to show the unique and beautiful qualities of Mezcal. By replacing the gin for Mezcal, we are able to highlight the smoke, floral and mineral qualities of this supreme agave spirit.   


1 oz each of: 

Alipus San Andrés Mezcal

Punt e Mes (vermouth and quina)


Add three ingredients together, stir over ice, strain into a tumbler over a square or sphere of ice. Garnish with orange swath and poblano pepper spear. 

The second cocktail for Cinco de Mayo is a refreshing cocktail that highlights the minerality of the tequila, the earthy sweetness of the honey and the two different bitters that come from the quinine in the tonic and the Angostura liqueur.  Great for hot nights and rich foods.


2oz Cimarron Tequila

.25 oz lime juice

1/2 tsp Mike’s Hot Honey

1/2 drops Vallet Amargo Angostura

375ml btl Q tonic water

In a Collins glass drizzle a little of the honey in the bottom.  In a shaker add tequila, lime juice and rest of honey.  Add ice, shake. Pour over ice. Fill with tonic. Add a straw.  Garnish with a lime swath.

Stop by  The AC Miami Beach and try these out OR... mix up a batch at home. Ole!