Counting Down Miami Spice: Izzy's Fish & Oyster

Izzy's Fish & Oyster Bar Miami Spice

The days of Miami Spice are officially counting down, but before we say farewell to the off-season fixe prix special extravaganza that has most of us swearing off our bikini bodies till Spring, we have some musts that should be checked off the bucket list.

We are talking about South Beach’s seafood resto of choice, Izzy’s Fish & Oyster Bar, who recently upgraded some items of its Miami Spice dinner menu ($39) for the month of September.

Chef/Owner Jamie Derosa and Chef de Cuisine, William Crandall are staying true to New England roots with their authentic dishes and drinks. It’s a slice of Cape Cod just off the corner of 5th and Washington.

The menu offers the option of substituting your dessert for a beverage, which is the way to go unless you are one of the few dedicated souls who actually saves room. These options include house red or white wine, Narragansett on draft, Sam Adams Oktoberfest Ale or one of their signature Miami Spice Cocktails.

Izzy's Fish & Oyster cocktails

Out of the three cocktails, we opted for the Wouldn’t You Like To Know rum libation with watermelon and lime juice, and muddled basil, and the Hop Skip and Get Naked Vodka Punch with berries and lemon.

Izzy's Miami Beach Miami Spice Scallops

For the first course appetizers, the steak tartare with toasted brioche , and the Bangor, Maine scallops atop a bed of sweet corn are still solid options, but we are thrilled to inform that the New England clam chowder has made its way to the menu with its stellar table presentation. In order for the potatoes and leeks to maintain their texture (and not drown in the creamy mush that you might be accustomed to) they first arrive separate to the table in a bowl. The server then pours the creamy chowder on top of it until you lose sight of them. Once rescued with your spoon, the ingredients blend together perfectly and spruce up the popular soup with refreshing textures.

Izzy's Fish & Oyster Lobster Roll

Luckily, the house staple remains unchanged. If you haven’t had the lobster roll yet, or ever, you need to reconsider your life choices--I was once lost and saw the light myself. Make amends and treat yo’ self to the luscious fun-sized lobster chunks, dripping with warm buttery goodness, bookended between the fluffy embrace of a warm roll. It makes New England question their integrity. Plus, wedge fries, ‘nuff said.

Izzy's Fish & Oyster Chicken Miami Spice

I know chicken is not usually the option of choice when dining out, but I am a firm believer that it’s the perfect indicator of your chef’s abilities. And since the bird dish had been changed as to the new season with fall spices, we gave it a chance, and were not disappointed. The toasted sage leaves were a delightful reminder of what to look forward to entering the holiday season.

All and all, the Miami Spice menu at Izzy’s is worth considering before time runs out. Tick Tick Tick. And PS- stop by this Sunday September 25th to help Izzy's celebrate their ONE year anniversary! 

Izzy’s Fish & Oyster 

423 Washington Ave

Miami Beach FL

(305) 397-8843