Saturday Sweets: Velvet Creme Doughnuts Returns in Little Havana

velvet creme doughnuts

After much awaited anticipation - Velvet Creme Doughnuts, a Miami icon that first opened its doors in 1947, has returned and is open in Little Havana. Velvet Creme has always been known for its iconic red and white vans and fresh, hot glazed doughnuts. After a 17 year hiatus, Velvet Creme reopened its doors just last week and is ready to continue serving doughnuts, fresh roasted coffee, and soft serve ice cream it was known for.

Velvet Creme was founded in 1947 by Jim Hadler and handed down to his son Gary in 1989. In 2000, Gary fell ill and Velvet Creme shut its doors. After Gary passed away in 2008, his brother-in-law, Robert Taylor decided he wanted to revive the brand. For over nine years, Taylor and his business partner Jorge Rios have been working to bring back the Miami icon. The revival was announced at least two years ago when the food truck was spotted at events all over the city.

velvet creme truck

Last Saturday, Velvet Creme opened its doors to the community that fell in love with its doughnuts and supported it for decades. “We are excited to be able to bring back a brand that that is a part of Miami history and one that was never truly forgotten,” said Jorge Rios. Robert Tyler says, “We have exceeded our expectations of once again making the Velvet Creme doughnut & Coffee shop a destination.”

I stopped by for some doughnuts and to check out the new spot and got to chat with Robert Taylor about the new Velvet Creme.

Here’s what he had to say:

  • What was most important to you about the Velvet Creme legacy?

The most important thing about the Velvet Creme legacy was that people enjoy the experience and come in and talk with each other, we have accomplished this in that for the past week folks have been coming and sitting down and enjoying a great cup of coffee and a donut or soft serve ice cream and not once did anyone ask me for our WIFI password. For those that do not know the brand they sit and listen to others stories.

velvet creme doughnuts
  • What's the biggest difference between Velvet Creme of the past and the present?

At the original Velvet Creme people were going there because of the donuts and coffee, we have added other items such as milk shakes and muffins. We’ll also be rolling out breakfast sandwiches later on.

  • Are the fans reacting the way you hoped?

The fans have reacted far beyond what we had hoped for, we wanted them to remember the experience from before and we have been successful in recreating that experience for them. For those new customers/ tourists who are in the store they hear the stories and realize that they are in a very unique place where people come to relive their memories, the customers experience an emotional reaction to what we have recreated, from the old photos on the wall to all the original colors of red & white throughout the store.

  • What's your favorite doughnut?

The glazed doughnut. I like the keep it traditional and it's always been a huge fan favorite. It reminds me of my childhood. 

Velvet Creme is open at 6am every day and until 10pm Sunday through Thursday and until 1am Friday and Saturday making it the perfect late night snack in Litte Havana. It's located just a few doors down from Union Beer Store and Ball & Chain, so there's a sweet ending to evenings out in everyone's future. 

velvet creme doughnuts

Velvet Creme Doughnuts

1555 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33135