Time Out Market Miami is Coming to South Beach in 2018 and Here's the First Round of Announced Chefs

time out miami market

It’s official - the second ever Time Out Market is making landfall here in Miami in 2018. The original market opened in Lisbon, Portugal in 2014 and has been a thriving concept for the past three years. In fact, it’s the number one tourist attraction in the country. In the last year there has been roughly 3.1 million visitors to the market and the creators are hoping to have the same effect in Miami starting next year.

Time Out Magazine is the leading global media and entertainment brand with a reach of 242 million people each month. Time Out Market President and Creative Director, João Cepeda, says they searched far and wide considering where they would open next and Miami seemed like the perfect spot. With the Latin influences brought from both the tourists and locals, they are excited to bring back some class and local culture to the Lincoln Road area.

time out miami market

The Time Out Market Miami will feature 17 restaurants, 3 bars, a demo kitchen, and a cultural area that will thrive with new activations each month. Unlike other food halls, the Time Out Market will function wholly based on editorial curation. In their words, “If it’s good it goes in the magazine, if it’s great it goes onto the market.” The goal is to make the market the best representation of Miami as it’s sought out by the team of editors behind the magazine.

Time Out Miami Editor, Virginia Gil, was on site at the press conference today to announce the first 7 concepts that will be found in the market:

time out miami market chefs
  • Jose Mendin - local favorite and founder of the Pubbelly concepts. He reflected that his first kitchen job in Miami was on Lincoln Road at Sushi Samba and he’s excited to bring things full circle.
  • Michael Pirolo - who will be bringing a pizza concept to the market (can we get a hell yeah?!)
  • Matt Kusher - of Kush and LoKal. We can count on some amazing burgers coming our way.
  • Scott Linquist - Coyo Taco will be right at home in the market (we’ve already asked for chilaquiles).
  • Matthew Sherman - JugoFresh and the already missed Paradigm Kitchen is coming back!
  • Maria Ortanes - one of the best pastry names in Miami and head of the pastry program at Pubbelly will FINALLY - this writer is totally biased, she’s a favorite - be opening her own bakery concept: BUHT-ER (pronounced butter)

Each restaurant and chef is being invited to bring what they know and love to the market. Creative Director João Cepeda says, “We don’t invite chefs to do a cheap ripoff of what they do, we invite them to do what they do best in a more informal setting.” But don’t count on this informal setting to be anything like street food. Guests can expect to dine on real plates with real silverware, while drinking out of real glass. The market is meant to be an experience. It's a place for families to come hang out and dine with options for everyone's palate. When it comes to dining the average check per person will be approximately $20 for dinner. With all those chefs under one roof, it seems well worth it. We also got the inside scoop about Per'La Specialty Roasters being the onsite coffee provider.

It’s also going to be great for the beach economy as the market is expected to bring 200 new jobs to the area.It’s aimed to make it a place locals will want to visit regularly. While the chefs won’t be forced to stay, they are starting with 1 year contracts and going from there. It will allow for flexibility and change for all parties involved. Guests can also count on a calendar full of events. Just last year the Lisbon market had 200 events and the plans are the same for Miami.

While there isn’t a specific opening date yet, we know it’s happening in 2018 and we will be all over any updates that may come our way. Stay tuned, and we will see you in the market soon!

Time Out Market Miami

1601 Drexel Avenue

Miami Beach, FL