Wellness Wednesday: Hungry Harvest Brings Fresh Produce to Your Door and Fights Hunger

hungry harvest full veggie

As much as I love going out to eat and popping in and out of all the newest restaurants and old favorites in town - I really love to cook. There’s just something about gather ingredients and making something delicious at home. However, I don’t always have time to shop or run to a farmer’s market for my produce. That’s why I love companies like Hungry Harvest that do that part for me! Hungry Harvest is not only a doorstep produce delivery service, they are also working really hard to end hunger and food waste. And that’s something I can get behind.

Did you know in the US 40% of food goes to waste. At the same time, 20% of people in this country live in food insecurity. Hungry Harvest has made it their mission to use one problem to solve the other. They work with farmers and wholesalers to curate produce variety boxes with products that would likely go unsold for silly reasons like it’s off in color or funny shaped.

The boxes come in different sizes and options, including fruit-only, vegetable-only, and organic. You can also let them know if there are certain veggies or fruits that you’re just not into. Not a problem for me though, because I love them all! I got my first box last week and it was so exciting to open it and let my mind wander to all of the dishes that I could make with my harvest. In my box I found: tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, red potatoes, snow peas, plums, onions, apples, lettuce, and grapes. I’m not a farmer or a produce expert in any way, but everything in my box was aesthetically pleasing and absolutely delicious. I can say with absolute certainty that this is a great fit for anyone who wants to have fresh produce delivered to their door and likes the element of surprise.

mini fruit hungry harvest

I find that if I have fresh produce at home, I'm more likely to eat healthy and to get more creative when I'm cooking. I used most of the goodies in my box to make a really fresh stir fry that lasted me all week. Hungry Harvest definitely made me want to spend more time in the kitchen and would be a great way to teach kids about all the different kinds of produce and ways to enjoy them.

The only catch is you’ve got to make sure someone will be home on Saturday morning to receive the box. If you’ve got that handled then you’re good to go and can use the code: FRESH305 for $10 off your first box and check them out today! Boxes start at $17 and come filled to the top with a range of produce that's guarenteed to get your creative kitchen juices flowing.