Eating House x Bar Alter x GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse Collab Dinner

grey goose ducasse dinner

If you follow food then you know all about Miami’s food revolution that’s taken place over the past 6 or so years. Suddenly we seem to have no shortage of incredibly talented chefs and bartenders in our gorgeous city. This came in very handy when StarChefs launched their first-ever Atelier of Taste program, presented by GREY GOOSE. The culinary and cocktail mentorship program recently welcomed 10 rising star chefs and bartenders to the home of GREY GOOSE, Le Logis, an elegant 17th century manor located in the heart of France. And guess what - Miami made the cut!

Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House and Gustavo Martinez of Bar Alter were picked for this once in a lifetime trip to Le Logis in France. They were among the first to work with the newest iteration of the vodka, GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse. The new expression of vodka was just launched in the US last month. It’s a toasted wheat vodka born out of a collaborative process between Chef Ducasse and M. Thibault, GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse pioneers a new vodka category aptly named “Vodka Gastronomique”, celebrating the notion that vodka can be enjoyed with food.

While on their trip, the Miami duo worked together on cocktail and food pairings using local  ingredients selected from the traditional covered market in the town of Cognac. But the best part is - they came back and did it again at Eating House and I was on the guest list.

This incredibly delicious menu featured a 5 course dinner by Giorgio, each paired with a GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse cocktail made by Gustavo.

  • First dish: Raw beef with celery root, lemon, celery vinaigrette, Parmesan
  • First cocktail: Bright - GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, sake, velvet falernum, green chartreuse, lemon bay rum infused Grappa, orange oil
eating house bar alter grey goose dinner

A perfect start to the evening! I had seen the raw beef on Instagram and had already put it on my to do list. It didn’t disappoint. The celery vinaigrette on this dish was out of control. The cocktail was paired so well and kick off the evening in a festive spirit. Personally, I’m a huge fan of green chartreuse and was happy to see it being used.

  • Second dish: Jerusalem artichoke risotto with black truffle and burnt sunchoke oil
  • Second cocktail: Floral & Herbaceous - GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, Alter tonic, lime, cherry bark vanilla bitters, thyme, marigold flowers, soda
eating house bar alter grey goose

Round two was much richer and had so much flavor. The risotto was so creamy and filling. The cocktail was floral, just like I like them and oh so pretty!

  • Third dish: Sea scallop with raw and smoked pumpkin and hazelnut miso
  • Third cocktail: Tropical & A Bit of Spice - GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, strawberry jam, pineapple, agave, lime, black lava salt solution, hell fire bitters, Applewood infused smoke rinse
eating house bar alter grey goose

This was easily my favorite course. Giorgio is a master when it comes to making scallops. If they are on the menu, you must order them. This tropical cocktail was to die for. The long list of ingredients may sound intimidating, but it blended so perfectly. Gustavo knows his way around the bar.

  • Forth dish: Duck breast ‘a la presse’ with local mushrooms, plums, and beets
  • Forth cocktail: Bold & Refreshing - GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, St~Germain, Kaffir lime infused Martini vermouth, Mirabelle plum jam, Tonka bean demerara syrup, lime, plum shrub, soda
grey goose bar alter eating house

By the fourth course, it was hard to not be completely stuffed, but so worth it to continue on. The duck was cooked to perfection and was complemented so well by the refreshing and slightly sweet cocktail using Tonka beans and Mirabelle flowers from the adventures in Cognac. If you know me, then you know I'm a sucker for flowers in my cocktails - so this was a winner.

  • Fifth dish: Panna cotta with Tonka beans, roasted apple, and almond
  • Fifth cocktail: Bittersweet & Creamy - GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, Braulio, Averna, Faretti biscotti, Foro cream
grey goose bar alter eating house

We ended the night with panna cotta, one of Giorgio’s specialties. It was paired with a creamy cocktail that reminded me of a White Russian, but was exponentially better and more flavorful.

I’m not typically a vodka drinker, in fact, I tend to avoid it. But after experiencing GREY GOOSE Interpreted by Ducasse, I think I might be a fan once again. Check it out yourself and tell us what you think! Grab your own bottle of this new GREY GOOSE at