Saturday Sweets: Best of 2017

The Forge's Birthday Cake Souffle - Photo Credit Romain Maurice Photography 2.jpg

As 2017 comes to an end, I am taking time to reflect on an amazing year filled with even more amazing sweets.  It seems as though every year gets sweeter and sweeter!  I’ve made my way through kitchens all over Miami and have eaten more than my fair share of some amazing sweet creations.  Here are my top five favorite desserts of 2017 - in no particular order because having to pick only five was hard enough!

Nutella Bread Pudding, Big Easy Wine Bar & Grill

nutella bread pudding

I had the Nutella Bread Pudding from Big Easy in January 2017 and still haven’t been able to get it off my mind. It’s chocolate nutella bread pudding covered in salted caramel and topped with housemade whipped cream. Always a sucker for Nutella. Always.

All the donuts, by Max Santiago

max santiago donuts

At the beginning of 2017, Max Santiago left The Salty Donut and it was a sad day for donut lovers everywhere -- but he quickly reappeared (even though it was all the way in New York) with a donut shop via Sugar Factory. I made a trip to New York to check out the goods and wasn’t disappointed. I may have also been lucky enough to receive a donut gift or two from The Donut King throughout the year. Don’t worry Miami, you’ll get more of his creations soon enough!

Unicorn Milkshake, Sweetness Bakeshop

unicorn milkshake sweetness bakeshop

The Unicorn Milkshake at Sweetness Bakeshop is definitely on my list of favorites this year, because selfishly I created it. This fun treat was inspired by my love of pink and sprinkles. It's made with a strawberry ice cream that reminds us 80s and 90s kids of the OG Strawberry Nesquik. One sip of this cute milkshake and you’ll feel like a kid again.

Miso Bread Pudding, Pubbelly Sushi

miso bread pudding pubbelly sushi

I don’t know that there will ever be a year where pastry chef Maria Ortanes isn’t on my list. The Miso Bread Pudding at Pubbelly Sushi will always be a favorite. The chocolate miso bread pudding with housemade black sesame soft serve and dulce de leche is one of the best creations Miami has ever seen. I’m looking forward to see what Time Out Market Miami and Maria’s first solo concept, Buht-er, will bring in the new year.

Birthday Cake Souffle, The Forge

birthday cake souffle the forge

Something about cake batter and sprinkles that make desserts winners on my list. The birthday cake soufflé made with confetti cake soufflé, cream glaze, and served with a dish of buttercream on the side is a playful twist on a classic dessert in one of Miami’s most prestigious steakhouses. I always love when nostalgia takes part in dessert making.

As someone who always claims to be "not a huge fan of bread pudding” -- it’s a texture thing, I really surprised myself when I looked back and realized two of my favorites this year were in fact bread pudding. I guess I’m now a fan! I hope everyone’s year was at least half as sweet as these amazing desserts I’ve been enjoying all year long!  Looking forward to discovering new and amazing desserts in 2018 and am wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.