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Halves & Wholes Miami Ribeye Cheesesteak

Welcome to new MIAbites contributor and FIU journalism student, Steve Guillen, whose feature today highlights some delicious options for this weekend's beach picnic or Dolphins vs Saints game. 

Palm trees, blue waters, and great food, that’s what Miami Beach is about. What better way to end a day out in the sun and satisfy your hunger than with a filling sub and a refreshing beer. At Halves and Wholes located on the corner of Alton and 16th, you’ll find just that, and more.

A small and cozy shop with some big and bold flavors, you’ll find an array of over a dozen different sandwiches, from classics like the Stacked Ham and Turkey with ham, turkey, bacon and Swiss, and Meatball parm to the unique Pig Out with pulled pork, bacon, cheddar and BBQ sauce. Along with seasonal specialties coming and going, soups, salads, and bowls, you have plenty to choose from.

With so many options and only one stomach, I settled on two subs and a side of Mac and Cheese. More than enough for any hungry beach goer.

Halves & Wholes Cheesesteak.

The first sandwich I tried was the Ribeye Cheesesteak. With peppers, provolone, jalapeno jack whiz, crispy onions and ribeye steak all in a soft sesame seed baguette. The melty provolone cheese along with the crunchy onions and tender ribeye gave every bite an awesome texture, and with the kick from the jalapeno whiz cheese, this was the perfect sub to pair with a cold brew.

Halves & Wholes Mac and Cheese

The H & W baked mac and cheese was a great addition to the sandwiches. Cheesy and with crispy toasted topping, it is comfort food worthy all on its own.

Halves & Wholes Brisket Reuben

The next sandwich I got to enjoy was the Smoked Brisket Melt. Swiss cheese, purple cabbage, Russian dressing and brisket on a chewy marble rye bread pressed and cooked until melty and perfect. The brisket was smoky and juicy, the melted cheese and creamy Russian dressing filled every nook and cranny of the tasty rye bread, and the pickled purple cabbage did a great job at cutting the fat and adding some freshness to the overall sandwich.  Think of a Rueben sandwich with smoked brisket.

Make sure to stop by Halves and Wholes on your next visit to the beach. This sub shop is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.  AND, if your order online during any football games and use promo code FOOTBALL, you will get 15% off your order.

Halves & Wholes 

1600 Alton Rd.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

305 704 3600

Halves & Wholes Miami Beach