Miami's Winter Cocktails You Didn't Know You Needed

hot toddy bar alter

Most of the time, Miami isn't the place to be if you want to actually experience winter -- but that's not stopping many of our local bars from adding fun festive cocktails to their menus that let us pretend. Cinnamon and spice are some of the flavors that one would typically think of to use when creating a warm inviting winter cocktail, but these drinks go way beyond that. There's even a few hot toddies on our list that are perfect for the little bit of winter we have been experiencing lately!

We've something for everyone, including a couple do-it-yourself cocktails, just in case you're looking to stay in or entertain. Tis the season!

Let's start with the hot toddy drinks, since with Miami's current temperatures, those are the ones you're gonna want to check out first. I personally made it my mission to test all of these hot toddies, and I can vouch for each of them being perfect in their own way.

Hot cocktails to keep you warm:

Bar Alter

Everyone knows Alter has an amazing menu when it comes to food, but what you should also know is: the bar program is just as awesome! Bar manager, Gustavo Martinez, was feeling particularly inspired this week with the cold weather and whipped up a special menu that will only be available while it's cold and will feature five warm cocktails to help make the most of this crazy cold front.

  • I Can't Believe It's Butter - Leblon Cachaca, Leblon Cachaca Reserva, 5 spice butter, apple cider, cardamom, honey (seen in featured photo above)
  • Toddy Doesn't Know - Leblon Cachaca, amaro lucano, honey, Jojo peppermint tea, rosemary pine cone
  • Jerry & Pierce - Gra'it Grappa, Plantation dark rum, amaro nonino, lemon bay rum, house made matcha marshmallow, orange oil
  • The French Connection - Remy Martin VSOP, amaro, brown ale syrup, espresso cream, lavender bitters
  • Mexican Standoff - Altos Plata Tequila, Gracias A Dios Mezcal, abuela chocolate, puffed wheat, agave, fire water bitters
Listed in order above from left to right

Listed in order above from left to right


Kyu, also in Wynwood, has hopped on the hot toddy train and is featuring two warm cocktails that are 100% Amber approved.

Duck Duck Juuse - Warm duck jus and a glass a cognac. Yes, it sounds a little strange -- but trust them, it works!

duck duck juuse kyu

Tom Kyu Gai - A cocktail twist on Tom Kha Gai soup. Yup, soup. It's made with lemongrass infused Bombay Sapphire gin,  scallion syrup, spiced coconut milk, Thai chili oil, and cilantro foam. It's like a meal, a cocktail, and a warm hug all in one.

tom kha kyu miami


Festive cocktails that feel like winter in Miami (on all those days that it's not actually winter in Miami):

Get Lit at Jack's Miami - This Winter cocktail will get you lit and ready for any holiday party during December. The cocktail is made with spiced rum, eggnog, ginger, Frangelico, and is topped with cinnamon. All of these ingredients stay true to the holidays! Available for $10.

American Pie and Toast to the Good Life at Bitter Truth - There's plenty of pie and many toasts this holiday season so Bitter Truth is bringing you drinks to celebrate both. American Pie is made with whiskey, amaro, caramelized honey red apples, cinnamon and holiday essence. Stoli Elite, rosemary, cranberry bitters, and rose champagne are mixed to create a Toast to the Good Life. Both are available for $12.

bitter truth cocktail

Jon De La Nieve at Better Days - This delicious play on a Jon Snow Game of Thrones cocktail is made with housemade winter syrup (blend of cinnamon, cloves  star anise nutmeg), coconut milk, tiki bitters, chocolate bitters, Flor De Caña 7 Gran Reserva. It's garnished with a cinnamon stick and topped with flamed green chartreuse. Available for $13.  

bettr days jon snow

Hot TodTea at Repour - Keeping it classic with bourbon, this cocktail is made with High West Barrel Select (Limited Release for Death or Glory/Repour), lemon, honey, lavender bitters, Earl Grey Black Tea. Available for $12.

Ziva Zu at Beaker & Gray – Zubrowka vodka, cinnamon, vanilla, and hard cider. Available for $11.

beaker and gray winter cocktail

Goldfinger at Stripsteak by Michael Mina - Evocative of the Fontainebleau’s origins, this cocktail features vodka, FEW Spirits Breakfast Gin, Tempus Fugit Kina L’Aero d’Or, Lustau East India Solera Sherry, Lustau Manzanilla Sherry, Bitter Truth Olive Bitters and fleur de sel solution. Available for $25.

Ants on a Log at Stripsteak by Michael Mina - White Rum infused with lemon and anise, espresso, crème de cacao and Clément Mahina Coco. Available for $15.

Poodle Room at Stripsteak by Michael Mina - vodka, lemon juice, strawberry-coriander syrup, egg white and rich mint syrup. Available for $15.

stripsteak by michael mina winter cocktails


And for those heading out of town or looking to create a tropical holiday feel at home:

The Old Hollywood found at SLS Baha Mar - What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by trying one of the Caribbean's first true lifestyle hotel, SLS Baha Mar signature drinks. Serving the best cocktails, Cleo Bar has you covered with the perfect holiday drink to celebrate the happiest time of the year. The Old Hollywood, a twist on the classic Old Fashioned, features a fig almond syrup and walnut bitters which combined will have you feeling cozy and full of holiday cheer.


  • 2oz. Maker’s Mark Bourbon
  • .75oz Fig Almond Syrup
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters
  • 1 dash Walnut Bitters

Instructions: Combine ingredients into mixing glass. Stir until properly diluted, and strain into a double old fashioned glass. Top with an orange ribbon and brandied cherry.

sls baha mar old hollywood cocktail


Fresh Agave Mojito found at Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa - Spread across a strip of golden Atlantic coastline dotted with natural dunes, Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa offers a laid-back, tropical escape for guests who want to relax and enjoy the easy breezy beach life. What’s the best way to take advantage of this beachside paradise? Head to the adults-only hammock garden with a Fresh Agave Mojito -- made with Bacardi Superior, fresh mint, lime juice and 100% organic agave nectar -- and sip slowly while swaying gently in the ocean breeze and watching the turquoise waves roll into shore.


  • 5 fresh mint leaves (plus a sprig as garnish)
  • 2 oz. of Bacardi Superior
  • Juice of ½ lime
  • 1 tbsp. of Organic Agave Nectar
  • Club soda, soda water or seltzer
  • Ice

Instructions: In a 9-oz. highball glass, place mint leaves, lime juice and rum. Using a muddler, crush and stir ingredients together to release flavors. Add Organic Agave Nectar. Fill glass ¾ with ice; pour in club soda to fill glass. Garnish with mint sprig. Serve immediately with a straw.

jupiter beach resort

Whether you're enjoying a hot cocktail or a cold one, at home or at a bar -- we hope you enjoy the cold front and keep warm!