Saturday Sweets: OMG Brigadeiros in Coral Gables

omg brigadeiro

What exactly is a Brigadeiro?  This delicious bite-size Brazilian treat looks familiar but,  it’s not a bonbon and it’s not a truffle. They are completely different in their preparing methods, taste, consistency and textures. The main ingredient is condensed milk rather than any sort of cream. Brigadeiros are found at all celebrations in Brazilian culture. They are traditionally chocolaty balls covered with chocolate sprinkles, but in more recent years they have expanded to include a variety of flavors and toppings.

Luciano Brilho is the young American-Brazilian entrepreneur who has brought Florida (Miami and Orlando), it’s very first brigadeiro specialty shop, Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros. When Luciano was 18 he moved to Kansas City to play soccer but suffered from an unfortunate knee injury two years later. Instead of returning to Brazil he decided to stay in the States, where he earned his degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at St. Thomas University. It was there Luciano realized he was very passionate about winning the hearts of Americans and that was when he decided to introduce Miami to the wonderful world of the brigadeiro. This sweet treat was a large part of his childhood and he knew it would be a hit.

omg brigaderio

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros has expanded in its three year existence. This quaint little shop, much bigger than the original location,  is cranking out some amazing combinations of these classic Brazilian delights. With 20 flavors and counting on the menu it is definitely hard to pick one, luckily they have boxes fit to satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth. The more you buy the better deal you get which makes them perfect for parties or as host gifts.  

The “Oh My Gosh” is their signature flavor and easily the most popular.  It has a creamy condensed milk center wrapped in a milk chocolate coating covered in chocolate pearls. It’s easy to see why it’s the favorite. In a close second was the Caramel Dulce De Leche Crunch – so creamy, so caramelly, SO good! They even have fruity flavors such as Key Lime, Orange Almond, and Passion Fruit for those who aren’t big chocolate fans.

cake jars

These days, there's more than just brigadeiros — check out the cake jars. The cute little mason jars come in a 4oz size or an 8oz version.

Flavors include:

  • The Nutella Cake Jar - vanilla cake, brigadeiro and Nutella
  • The OMG Cake Jar - vanilla cake, brigadeiro and condensed milk
  • The Dulce de Leche Cake Jar - vanilla cake, brigadeiro and dulce de leche
  • The Cookies & Cream Cake Jar - chocolate cake, vanilla brigadeiro and cookies

If you need a caffeine fix, order one of the Nespresso coffees that come in a Nutella rimmed mug coated in caramel or chocolate pearls. There’s also milkshakes on the menu, making OMG Brigadeiros your one stop sweet shop in Coral Gables.

omg brigaderios

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros

2205 SW 23rd Ave

Miami, FL 33145

(305) 456-8378