The Traymore Gin Bar: With Over 40 Gins to Love

Traymore Gin Bar COMO Hotel Miami Beach

For as long as I have been able, I have loved gin and tonics, so it has delighted me that in the last decade the international appreciation for gin has grown immensely. 

This encompasses heralding the traditional juniper-forward styles and welcoming the new myriad of citrus and unconventional botanical expressions.  In order make sense of what style of gin and gin and tonic you like, it helps to be able to try them side by side and such a place exists here in Miami Beach.

The Traymore Restaurant and Bar in the Metropolitan by COMO in the Mid-Beach area of Miami Beach boasts not only a gin-centric bar with 40 different gins, but a gin and tonic flight program. 

At a special Friday night tasting, Restaurant and Bar manager, Iain Harrison, took us on a guided tour through the premium gins of the world and the special Gin Flights created by The Traymore Gin Bar , as well as offered us  a series of specialty gin cocktails to try that are exclusive to the hotel.  

The three flights offered, Timeless, Modern and Adventurous, each focus on different gin styles and within the flights, the four gins and four tonics are carefully chosen to pair well with each other.  A couple of our favorites were the Farmer’s Gin with East Imperial Burma Tonic and lemon and St. Augustine Gin with East Imperial Superior Tonic and sugar cane.

Gin and tonics pair well with food by nature, the effervescence, citrus and botanicals cut well through fatty foods and compliments many flavors. 

Along with our 12 mini cocktails that evening, we tried some signature dishes  courtesy of Traymore Chef Juan Loaisiga, including the unique “Gin Infused Salmon” with a gin and tonic sorbet and some of the best roasted octopus I’ve eaten.

The Traymore, as part of it’s Spring Gin program, offers between 5:00pm and 7:00pm and later in the evening between 10:00pm and 11:00pm, a number of drink specials and special bar bites. Thursdays between 7:00pm and 10:00pm is the return of  “Ladies and GINtleman”, a tasting program introduced for the serious gin aficionado and for those who wish to be re-acquainted with some of the world’s most refreshing libations.  In addition to a selection of any gin for $9, this evening offers guests a series of gin tastings, craft gin specials and specialty flights for $20 each so you can try each of the pairing flights yourself.

The Traymore Gin Bar at Metropolitan by COMO

2445 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach FL.


( discounted valet parking on site )