RUN, Don't True Loaf Bakery!

One Sunday morning I woke to examine my Instagram feed as is my morning ritual. The photo posted by @Trueloaf made me cuss out loud.  Literally.  I started my Sunday with an F-bomb. The reason for the exclamation? I’ve copied the photo here:


Mango Rosemary Focaccia?


In that moment, I was sure that I would make the 30 mile drive over to True Loaf Bakery on Bay Road in Sunset Harbour and score me some of said focaccia.

My mistake?

I waited too long.

By the time my daughters and I arrived at the bakery around 11 am, the tray of focaccia had vanished; scarfed up by smarter and speedier patrons.

It wasn’t as if there weren’t lots of other goodies to console me: plain croissants, savory croissants with the perfect balance of ham and cheese; sweet croissants with chocolate or almond paste; a cinnamon bun that defies description, as well as all of the daily breads, pastries, brioche and pies.

Owner Tomas Strulovic ‘s passion is evident in every one of his creations. He’s one of those “I used to have a career in X before I discovered my true passion” kind of guys who makes living in Miami sheer joy these days. We’re becoming a town full of artisans who really CARE about their products. His passion is bread and pastries and it shows.

You may already have tried one of True Loaf’s sensational croissants, as they are on the counters at both Panther Coffee locations. As a matter of fact, many of the people in line at True Loaf take their goodies and walk through the breezeway over to Panther’s Sunset Harbour location, order a coffee and bliss out, like I did this morning for the umpteenth time. 

My advice to you is simple: follow @trueloaf and get inspired by the amazing creations. But if you see something that really gets you salivating you will have to hurry. The delicious artisanal pastries and bread may not last until you get there. And then you’ll be cussing for a whole ‘nother reason!

True Loaf

1894 Bay Rd

Miami Beach, Florida 33139

786 216 7207