MIAbites Contributors: "What I Ate This Week"

MIAbites Contributors report on WHAT and WHERE they ate over the past couple of weeks! Read below and start drooling!

MIAbites Contributors report on WHAT and WHERE they ate over the past couple of weeks! Read below and start drooling!

If you follow any of our MIAbites Contributors on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,  you are constantly bombarded with some pretty amazing pictures of food and drink that has been consumed, it seems almost endlessly. 

How can anyone eat and drink ALL that food and go to ALL those places?  

Well Our Contributors do, from evenings out with friends, to lunches at favorite classic spots, to events hosted by restaurants, fellow bloggers and spirit purveyors.  It is hard to keep up and so as a special MIAbites feature we bring you.... Where I ATE this week or more appropriately, WHAT I ATE this week.   Watch for this mouthwatering feature every week( or so ) only on MIAbites.com.

Feast your eyes: 

Javier Ramirez- GourmandJ

The Patacon from Loba - a fabulously crispy and generous patacon brilliantly paired with juicy strips of ribeye, crunchy bits of pork belly, perfectly cooked white rice, creamy guacamole and spicy pico de gallo. A must!

Andy Giambarba- Andy Miami

El Mago de las Fritas is always on my weekly rotation. It used to be that I would only order a frita (or two) but in recent weeks I've gone outside the lines and been very rewarded for doing so. The daily specials like tamales, chicharos and garbanzos are amazingly good, like "better-than-your-abuela" good. And a Pan con Bistec sandwich that has been cooked on the same grill as 1000's of Fritas? Lights out.

David Sprintis

Cider-glazed short rib,  yogurt grits, marrow and mushroom fricassee, carrot cake, cream cheese sorbet, candied carrots from J&G Grill. ( BTW- The short ribs were also on the lists from Allison and Javier! ) 

On a more personal note, there was also my wife’s gorgeous challah, and the snapper with preserved lemon that we served for Rosh Hashanah but not available for retail purchase...yet.

Allison Riley- Y'all Taste This 

J&G Grill at The St Regis Bal Harbour Resort spice rubbed robata quail, bruléed chevre, apricot-farro, tarragon.

Jennifer Massolo- The Liquid Projects

I ventured down to EARLS Kitchen and Bar in Dadeland on Saturday.  One dish that stood out above the rest were the Crispy Thai Prawns.  Served as an appetizer, this comes served in a small cast iron wok with brilliant greens such as cilantro paste, thai basil and cabbage with a citrusy nam pla sauce and deep fried, crispy prawns.

I ordered a Mai Tai (not to sweet) to drink, and it was one of the best I've had.

Everett Rashotsky- Ergagit

Pocha- Carbonera style dish, creamed Tuboki, with Ramen Noodles, Cheese and my favorite add on...Spam.  NOTE: Read Ergagit's complete feature about Pocha Korean Pub in last weeks MIAbites (http://www.miabites.com/home/2014/9/29/gan-bae-korean-food-pocha-in-lauderhill)

That's it for this week...stay tuned for future "What I ATE This Week" from MIAbites! 

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Happy Eating!

The MIAbites Team