Whole Foods Downtown Miami: The Top 5 Reasons to go!

Welcome NEW MIAbites contributor, Marian Bacol-Uba; LA food obsessed eater and blogger transplanted to Miami!  Lucky us!  Follow her on Twitter  @marianthefoodie.

Just a few days ago, Whole Foods Market in Downtown Miami opened its doors. The much anticipated store opening had hundreds of people lining all around the block and anxiously waiting hours before their Bread Breaking Ceremony. If the glistening new aisles and piles of fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t enough to lure you into their store, here are five top reasons you should definitely check them out if you have not already.  

1.     They Support Local Farmers and Vendors

Whole Foods Market Downtown works with a lot of local South Florida farmers and ranchers to give Miamians some of the freshest produce, seafood and meats. Found all around the store are info cards on local farms and the passionate people working to give you the best ingredients. You can also find local goods sold exclusively at this store such as U Rawk Energy Bars and Happy Hour scented candles from the South Beach Candle Company.

2.     You Can Get Juiced Up

Known for its healthy, vegan juices, smoothies and quick bites, the Jugofresh counter inside this store offers many choices to health conscious shoppers. This location is also the only Jugofresh open until 10pm because that is when the rest of the market closes. All other Jugofresh stores are only open until 7pm. Green smoothie anyone?

3.     For the Grab and Goers

No time for a sit down lunch? Not to worry. The MET Café has its own entrance and exit so that busy professionals can grab a quick bite to eat before rushing back to the office. They have a great selection of sandwiches, salads, empanadas, Latin pastries, a coffee and espresso bar and much more. Wi-Fi is also available in the MET Café if you want to check those emails while chowing on a few delicious croquetas.

4.     Prepared So You Don’t Have To Be

The Prepared Foods department offers shoppers a huge selection that is unique to the downtown location. Awesome for those of us living downtown. Their soup bar features 26 different soups and chowders that change daily. They have a salad bar as well as an international cuisine bar that features a variety of cuisines such as Asian, Brazilian and Southern. Other options include freshly prepared sushi at Sushi Maki, a Cuban sandwich from Monsieur Cubano Sandwich or churrasco BBQ from La Churrasqueira. Pizzas, sausages, steaks and more are all made in-house. There is something for everyone here.

5.     A Tribute to Miami

Last but not least, when you visit the downtown location, you will see that it is definitely a tribute to the city of Miami; from the walls of the building down to the items sold inside the store. There is amazing artwork by local artists in the parking garage and inside the MET Café. Kazilla painted a beautiful tribute mural of Florida’s Tequesta Tribe, the original Miamians. Versailles Restaurant supplies pastries and classic Cuban dishes.

Congratulations and welcome Whole Foods Market Downtown! You are a great addition to the community. 

Downtown Miami location will open daily at 7:30 a.m. The store has convenient access to the Bayfront and Knight Center Metro Mover stops, as well as a 140-spot parking garage designated just for Whole Foods Market customers.

Whole Foods Downtown

299 SE 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33131