Chef Bradley Kilgore of Alter : #TNTShowdown Chef Profile

The Taco & Tequila Showdown #TNTShowdown presented by MIAbites and The Liquid Projects is locked in for Sunday November 8th 6-9 pm at the Vagabond Restaurant and Bar.  

12 chefs and bartenders will battle it out to be selected for best taco and tequila drink, and to further whet your appetite and give you a little back story, MIAbites will be profiling each of the chefs leading up to the event. Tickets to #TNTShowdown are $65 in advance and available on Eventbrite link here

Chef Brad Kilgore: Executive Chef/Partner of Alter: 

Chef Brad Kilgore is a well-recognized Miami based chef originally from Kansas City with more than 10 years of experience working at fine dining restaurants, including Chicago's L2O, Alinea and Boka.

In Miami he worked at Azul and most recently was the Executive Chef at the J&G Grill, Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant in Bal Harbour. His recently opened, Alter in Wynwood has garnered rave reviews and securing a reservation on a given night requires planning ahead. Grab a seat at his Chefs Table to watch Chef Brad as he creates and plates some of the most innovative and delicious dishes in Miami. 

How has being a chef/owner in Miami changed over the last few years?

There is a huge influx of diners that are much more educated and excited to try new things, its a really great time to be a Chef since there are so many more guests willing to try new things.

If you weren’t a chef, what would you be?

Either an Air Force Pilot or a Stock Trader

What is your personality in the kitchen: Angel or Demon?

Demonic Angel

What ingredient could you not live without?   


What is the last dish you cooked for yourself?

Can't Remember!

Your favorite restaurant other than your own (naturally)?

Kansas City Joe´s BBQ in my home town KC

If you cook alongside any chef…alive or dead, who would it be and why? 

Escoffier, I would love to see how he was able to create the cuisine he did with the lack of technology and simple convinces that we take advantage of. He invented so many techniques that are still used everyday, not many can say that in any field.

Let’s talk tacos:  Corn or Flour?  Hard or Soft?  

I used to only eat flour tortillas (as a gringo growing up in the midwest) but it is definitely corn tortilla now. Soft of course.

What is the craziest taco combo you have ever had? And where?

When I was living and working in Chicago I ate A LOT of tacos, it wasn’t a trend at that time there were just a lot of Mexican restaurants making great tacos. I would seek out to find the best tripe tacos, for me the ones that could make it tender and crispy were the best

Can you give us a hint as to what you plan on submitting as your “Taco” at TNTShowdown

 Pato Loco

TNT Showdown welcomes Chef Hales to the participating group of awesome, young, innovative and talented local Miami chefs at Taco & Tequila Showdown on Sunday November 8th 6-9 pm at the Vagabond Restaurant & Bar. Limited availabilty and advance tickets are $65 and available on Eventbrite