What I ATE: MIAbites Contributors

If you follow any of our MIAbites Contributors on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are constantly bombarded with some pretty amazing pictures of food and drink that has been consumed, it seems almost endlessly

How can anyone eat and drink ALL that food and go to ALL those places?  

Well Our Contributors do, from evenings out with friends, to lunches at favorite classic spots, to events hosted by restaurants, fellow bloggers and spirit purveyors.  It is hard to keep up and so as a special MIAbites feature we bring you.... 

What I ATE This Week!

and many did outside of Miami and Miami Beach...

Andrew Giambarba- @AndyMiami

Best thing I ate last week was the Banh Mi at The Seven Dials in Coral Gables. I'm constantly impressed by this place: great, creative food and great beer on tap. A great lunch option in the Gables. This banh mi was so good I ordered one to go to give away to a friend!

Paula Echevarria- @PechezMedia

It had been a minute since I visited the garden pool bar pioneer Lou's Beer Garden on 73rd and Harding on Miami Beach. You can't beat their craft beer selection, and their food is always surprisingly good. We opted for the clam appetizer and a couple of MIA brews.

Allison Riley- @YallTasteThis

The other day I asked my husband for dinner suggestions, and he said, "We haven't had pork tenderloin in ages."  He's right. We hadn't. I took the cue, and Sunday night's dinner didn't disappoint. Roasted pork tenderloin with a ginger-raisin pan sauce served over puréed parsley root and a side stir-fried bok choy...I think we'll have this dinner again soon!

Everett Rashotsky- @ErGagit

There is no better fine dining experience then eating in the house of the Chef and his family. Sardelli Italian Steakhouse gives you this experience at Sardelli, in Hollywood Beach as the  picture speaks for itself. In this home is a 4 floor dining experience where Fulvio Jr. cooks for his  guests. My favorite last night was the Veal Parmesan Veal Chop, that was big enough for the two of us. The selection of wines is as high level as the food and is a great reason to not have to go into Miami.

Javier Ramirez- @GourmandJ

Best thing I ate this week was the “huevos estrellados con chanquetes” from La Gamba in Coconut Grove, deep fried whitebait topped with eggs fried in olive oil, a delicacy from Spain. Anything with a fried egg on top is a delight but on top on these babies, definitely one worth a drive.

Deanna Dominguez- @BluBoutique

Super cute small restaurant, good Italian food in the Grove, Sapore di Mare.
We had Calamari, Tartare di Granchio (Hand chopped steamed crab meat with bell peppers and lemon), Branzino del Mediterraneo al Cartaccio (Mediterranean Branzino baked and wrapped), and Grilled Asparagus.
A young couple trying to make a go of this with a chef from Rome. All came out to great me speaking Italian!

Ellen Bowen- @ellebowCT

I found myself in Coconut Grove for lunch this past week and stopped in to Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar and Latam Grill on Grand Ave. A Ceviche Spoon Sampler, featuring six different ceviches was a perfect lunch on a hot day. A mix of Mexican and Latin American dishes make this a fun and casual stop in The Grove. 

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