Bringing Gioia to Miami One Pastry at a Time

Sometimes we meet people and have an instant connection.  That’s how I felt about Mari Angeles Rubio of Casa Gioia when we met for Happy Hour a few months ago.  Having already been impressed with her guava crisp bites, nutella tres leches, and rosemary pecan shortbreads, I was even more inspired to discover her remarkable personality and drive

We swapped stories about life in Miami, our favorite restaurants, and even our favorite herbs to use in desserts.  She shared with me that during her time studying in Italy, an old man whom she passed every day always referred to her as bella gioia, and it became clear that her joy for life and her passion for pastry have been bringing smiles to the faces of people the world over. 

At heart, she believes in using quality ingredients to make the best, freshest pastries possible.  Of course, it’s nice to live in Miami, too, which means she has access to fresh, interesting ingredients throughout the year.  That zeal for quality is paying off as she continues to expand her product line beyond her successful catering business by partnering with local restaurants.  The dessert menu at Alberto Cabrera’s Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Co. features custom-made treats from Rubio, including Guava Pound Cake, Coconut Macaroon with Passion Fruit Glaze and Cocoa Nibs, and Chocolate Chip Nutella cookies with sea salt.  She recently began collaborating with Small Tea in Coral Gables, as well.  They feature her Indian-Spiced Carrot Cake, Zucchini Bread, Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies, and Rosemary Pecan Shortbreads. 

I can attest that these treats are all good reasons to save room for dessert.  Follow Casa Gioia on Facebook or visit their website,

Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Co.

541 SW 12th Ave.  Miami, FL

786 420 2672

Small Tea

205 Aragon Ave.  Coral Gables, FL

786 401 7189