Sushi Chef: Authentic Japanese on Coral Way

No spicy mayo, fried shrimp or gooey sauces needed. Tucked away in an inconspicuous strip mall on Coral Way lies one of the most authentic, no frills Japanese restaurants in Miami. Commanded by Chef Fusao Enomoto, Sushi Chef has been slicing fresh fish in Miami since 1991… that is 24 years for those who can’t count, and in a town where the life expectancy of a restaurant is less than that of a bee, a number like that makes you pay attention.

Hailing from North Japan, Enomoto earned his sushi making chops at a young age as supplier and chef to the Imperial Family of Japan. But real culinary alchemy was achieved in 1971, when the French educated Enomoto moved to Caracas, Venezuela to open Kamon Restaurant, Venezuela's first Japa­nese restaurant, until moving to Miami, FL , to open Sushi Chef. A small, hidden space that got its start as a Japanese market with just a few tables for lunch, Sushi Chef continues to grow into one of Miami's best-hidden treasures for truly authentic Japanese fare.  Chef Enomoto can be seen most days and evenings, shyly behind the sushi bar preparing or supervising each and every dish.

We started with one of the unbeatable sushi lunch specials; all priced between $7.99 and $10.99. For $9.99, we ordered the trio of Sashimi includes six pieces of melt-in-your-mouth escoral, salmon and tuna. The all eel lunch special includes six pieces of an eel roll and 3 pieces of eel nigiri. We continued with a sizzling, sweet bowl of Pork Belly Ramen (don’t forget to slurp) and washed it all down with a cold glass of Sake available for purchase in the market section of the restaurant.

The menu is extensive with both traditional and nontraditional dishes; sushi, sashimi, gyoza, bento box specials, noodles and more, so have fun and explore. There is even a 78 piece Fune-Mori sushi boat for four! 

For those looking for a little help in the love department, Sushi Chef offers one of the most aphrodisiac and extravagant dishes around, the Royal Chirashi, fresh Ikura and Uni served on top of a warm bed of rice.

Sushi Chef

3100 Coral Way

Coral Gables, FL 33145

305 444 9286