BRUNCH in Miami: Get Thee to Threefold in Coral Gables

Face it, Brunch is the ultimate bougie meal. And this Friday's MIAbites gives you good reason to plan this weekend's brunch at Threefold Cafe!

There’s no meal more Instagrammed than brunch. It just screams VIP, designer shades on the table, right next to the bottomless mimosas overlooking the water where you docked your Donzi. Not hating, just stating the obvious. We love our upscale brunches in Miami and the photo ops they provide. And Miami has some amazing – and seriously upscale – brunches.

For those who want to do that scene every weekend, power to you! For the rest of us, with kids and mortgages and no desire to dip into savings to eat, there are some killer brunch options that won’t have you worrying when they run your card to pay the tab.  

One of my favorite spots for weekend brunch – or ANY meal – is Threefold Café in Coral Gables. There’s no describing Threefold without mentioning three elements: great food, great coffee and wonderful people – owners Nick and Teresa Sharp and the Threefold staff.

Great Food

As one who has never been to Australia yet, I was pretty certain their cuisine wasn’t going to be summed up by one line in a Men at Work song from the 80’s or a blooming onion. What I’ve discovered on numerous visits to Threefold is a wonderful mixture of healthy, tasty and fresh. My first dish there was what has become the one most often ordered by the weekend brunch crowd, their signature “Smashed Avo” on Zak the Baker bread – with or without a poached egg on top.

Since my first visit, I’ve enjoyed a range of their breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and fresh squeezed juices. The Aussie twist is reflected in more than cute names – there’s a real attempt to get people to revere breakfast as a significant healthy meal that can be enjoyed all day. It’s the anti-Denny’s or the anti-iHOP. Threefold is a place you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and not feel like your healthy intentions just suffered a setback.

Recently, the menu has incorporated a few new items, two of which I have to mention:

I would eat the Emperor Nasi Goreng combination of rice, vegetables, shrimp, chicken, jalapeños and cilantro for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s spicy and warming and hearty and flavorful and fresh. It’s a winner.

You thought meatloaf, didn’t you? I did. It’s actually vegetarian. And SO delicious. The 305 Twist is a black bean custard, cut into a rectangle, topped with 2 poached eggs, sitting beside a delicious parsnip puree and on top of a sauce flavored with harissa. Cilantro salad on the side for freshness. This plate is like nothing you’ve had anywhere. Highly recommended.

Great Coffee

The Specialty Coffee scene that is sweeping through Miami in the last couple of years has been booming in Australia for the last 10 to 15. As serious as Threefold is about food, they are equally serious about their coffee program.

One of the main reasons I love going there is that whether it is Nick, Teresa or one of the baristas, they’re always brimming over with excitement about Specialty Coffee. They currently offer locally roasted Panther coffee in espresso formats, pour-overs and cold brew. The brew bar has recently been extended to accommodate future plans for an Aeropress station and even classes on how to brew at home.

Recently, Threefold extended their afternoon hours until 6pm on Monday – Friday and until 5pm on the weekend. You know what those extra hours are perfect for? Something sweet and a stellar cup of coffee!

Wonderful People

I know it’s not the most empirical criteria, but at this stage of my life I really enjoy knowing that a place I frequent not only has great food or coffee, but genuinely good people as well.

If you’ve been to Threefold Café, you’re already nodding your head as you read this portion of the article. You’ve probably already met Teresa and been so drawn in by her warmth and sincerity. You can’t go eat there without feeling so welcome. And you’ve seen how that warmth has been prioritized and fostered in their servers and baristas. There’s nothing Big Box or corporate about the vibe at Threefold. They and their staff represent the Aussie reputation for friendliness and fun.

So, this weekend, take it easy. Give the sandbar a break until later. Stop on by the Gables for a casual brunch that combines great food with a serious coffee program run by sincerely wonderful people that won’t break the bank. It’s a recipe for a wonderful brunch that will bring you back time and time again. 

ThreeFold Cafe

141 Giralda Ave.

Coral Gables, FL 

305 704 8007