The Vagabond: Lunch Gem in MiMo

Looking for a new lunch spot? Want to try a new sandwich that you can’t get anywhere else?

Then head over to The Vagabond Restaurant and Bar and join the “contemporary vagabonds,” modern-day adventurers with a penchant for global food, drink and art. The totally reimagined mid-century décor is eclectic and colorful and the food is fresh and flavorful. And is open for lunch!

Executive Chef Alex Chang comes from a diverse background and that creativity is showcased in his dishes. Chef Chang has cooked at world renowned restaurants such as Animal in Los Angeles, Pujol in Polanco, Mexico, Les Creations de Narisawa in Tokyo and In De Wulf in Heuvelland, Belgium.

Located in the Miami Modern (MiMo) district on Biscayne Boulevard, The Vagabond Restaurant is in the newly reopened hip Vagabond Hotel and features delicious new lunch items that are a MUST TRY.  Here is just a sampling of some of the new additions for lunch:

Tsukune Sandwich – This is one of the most flavorful meatball sandwiches in Miami. The Tsukune sandwich is a Japanese Chicken Meatball sandwich inspired by Chef Alex's time in Japan when he became obsessed with yakitori (Japanese-style skewered chicken).  The Yakitori influence is most prevalent in the tare sauce all over the chicken meatballs.  Served on a soft hoagie roll, this will quickly become a lunchtime favorite. 

Avocado Toast – Large chunks of fresh avocado on crispy toasted bread topped with freshly grated pecorino cheese. Light, flavorful and perfect for sharing.

Longan and Citrus Salad – Comprised mostly of fresh citrus fruits and longan, an Asian fruit, this salad also has fennel, pistachio and goat cheese for added taste and texture. A great way to start your meal.

Whole Wheat Vegetable Roti – A perfect option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Stuffed with lots of chickpea, fermented potato and curry, this roti brings in Indian flavors to the menu.

Tabbouleh-A light, lemony take on the Middle Eastern vegetarian side with finely diced parsley, mint, tomatoes and bulgur.

Desserts – For those with a sweet tooth, end your lunch with an espresso and bites of the Yuzu-lemon bar, Shortbread with Guava jam, a slice of Tres Leches and Roselle Sherbert or a large Date Scone with Honey Butter. All jams, butters and sauces are made in-house and pairs wonderfully with each dessert. They are not overly sweet and sugary, but just enough to satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

A creative international flair and a change of pace for lunch.

Vagabond Restaurant and Bar

7301 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL

305 400 8420