Getting your Coffee On: Miami's Best Java Joints

Miami has certainly (c) upped it's coffee game over the past few years.  And our MIAbites Contributors are certainly a caffeine-loving lot. Both @GourmandJ and @AndyMiami have written a number of articles about specialty coffee: single origin, in house roasted beans and drip press coffee. Cafe Curuba's, Debbie Rabinovici has schooled us on single origin espresso and bean harvesting. 

We have featured our home town favorite, Panther Coffee, Cafe Curuba in Coral Gables, and even coffee shops in New Orleans and Orlando on MIAbites. 

But let's not forget that the Cuban coffee walk ups are an institution in Miami.  That especially shows how pervasive and deeply rooted the Cuban coffee is in this city.  David's , Versailles, El Palacio de los JugosIslas Canarias, Tinta y Cafe in Brickell, and even the local grocery store offer traditional Cuban coffee which in it's own way rivals the specialty brews. 

The coolest days are upon us, so we wanted to share our favorite spots for grabbing that morning wake-up , the afternoon pick me up or even the evening buzz. 

Panther Coffee (Wynwood, Coconut Grove, Sunset Harbour)- Our hometown coffee heroes are well known and well-respected worldwide. And we have them in our backyard! Joel & Leticia Pollock are absolutely brilliant and understand the process from seed to cup better than most. Their coffee is constantly evolving and stunning those of us who are DEEP into it. Tip: If you haven’t stopped by their Sunset Harbour or Grove locations to try a single origin (hot or iced) in the Bkon brewer, you haven’t lived!  Panther Coffee- check website for locations and hours.

Cafe Curuba - Remember “Cheers”? “Where everybody knows your name?” There’s a coffee version in Coral Gables named Cafe Curuba.  It’s run by Debbie, a former NYC barista who treats everyone like family. If you’re extra lucky you’ve met her mother on one of her visits – and she knows your name too! You’ll find amazing pastries as well as Panther and Counter Culture Coffees served in espresso drinks or Clever and Cold Brews. It’s one of my favorite spots in all of Miami, period.  Cafe Curuba 2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL. 786 703 9183.

Threefold Cafe- Don’t let Threefold Café fool you. As amazing as their food is, their coffee program is a HUGE deal and passion of owners Nick and Teresa. They’ve recently incorporated a brew bar with for single origin Chemex and Aeropress offerings. Also offers a soothing array of digestives teas. This is the place to watch! Threefold Cafe  141 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134 305 704 8007.

Miam Cafe- a few blocks away from Panther in Wynwood is Miam Cafe, a casual lunch, brunch and cafe spot that brews a wicked cup of coffee for those who find the line at Panther off putting. Plus you can grab a bite and even a glass of wine as well.  Miam Cafe 2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 21, Miami, FL 786 703 1451. 

Eternity Coffee Roasters- If you live or work right Downtown, then Eternity is the spot for you. A block or two away from Biscayne and "the bridge", Eternity offers worldwide single origin from Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and more and even validates your parking in the lot above the cafe. Eternity 117 SE 2nd Ave Miami, FL  305 609 4981.