Quality Meats meets Quality Italian: Chicken Parm Pizza and more

It’s a #FoodBloggersLife.  The chance to join other like minded foodies at a hip spot on Miami Beach and spend 3 hours eating, talking about and photographing food.

You know who you are and what I mean.

Just such an evening took place this past week as a dozen local Miami food bloggers were invited to sample Quality Meats Miami Beach’s new addition to their menu…the infamous Chicken Parmesan Pizza:  A 14 inch “traditional” looking cheesy pizza meant to serve 2+. 

But more about that later.

That was not all the evening had to offer.  Chef Patrick Rebholz along with Sommelier Lewis Starkey took the opportunity to present us with some of the top items on their extensive menu and joined us throughout the meal to discuss the preparation and presentation of the dishes.  Quality Meats, based on W 58th in New York city is part of the Fourth Wall Restaurant Group.  The Miami Beach location is only the second Quality Meats to open in the country and much of the carefully selected top-notch meat comes from Quality Meats in NYC.

After sipping creative cocktails at the separate bar up front by the entrance, we moved to our table in the renovated Art Deco dining room in a building formerly known as the Bancroft Hotel.  Built in 1939, it was the cornerstone of the Deco Drive hotels. The attention to detail gives the space a New York feel but with a very Miami Deco vibe. Warm recessed lighting, fluted columns, leaded windows and other original architectural details have been retained and enhanced.

But, we were here for the food. And without further ado, Chef Patrick began with Quality Meats signature Rosemary and Salt Dinner Rolls and Cubes of Watermelon topped with a dot of Yogurt “amuse bouche”.  A two level Charcuterie platter followed featuring traditional sopressa, duck bacon, spicy cotta and foie gras tourchon.

Fresh Snapper Ceviche with strawberries and Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio was a colorful and light course to get us ready for the “top billed” dish of the evening the much coveted Chicken Parm Pizza.

To explain further, Chef Rebholz explained that it is the crust that is the actual chicken.  Chopped up and mixed with cheese, the “crust” is made into a flat pancake and then the sauce and more cheese layered on top.  Made popular by New York City’s Quality Italian, it is reported that the kitchen is known to run out many a busy night.

Priced at $32 per person and designed for 2, it seemed a bit pricey, but was so rich and filling that I estimated one pizza could realistically feed 3-4 as an appetizer or side.   Chef Rebholz, who admitted to being obsessed with the fresh honey coming out of Homestead, suggested a dribble of honey on top would only enhance the flavor.  And so we dribbled away.  Always good to try the chef’s suggestions.

But a visit to Quality Meats requires meat, and Chef Rebholz did not take this lightly.

He proceeded to present the table with not one, but four 42 oz. bone in Tomahawk rib-eye steaks, each garnished with onion rings and a smoked horseradish crème dipping sauce. On the side, and prepared tableside, was the signature steak sauce, a freshly made mix of garlic, rosemary, thyme, San Marzano tomato sauce, raisin puree and molasses, and a perfect accompaniment for those who require a sauce with their steak.

Sides of salad, crispy buttery potato slices and corn crème brulee were perfect accessories although the steak was obviously the main event.   I do need to highlight the creamed corn, which is served bruleed on top.  Sweet and creamy with the crunchy topping it could be one of the best creamed corn dishes I have ever had.

No meal can end without dessert, but frankly, I barely touched mine, as did most of the group.  A rich frosted chocolate cake, peanut butter banana gelato and a spiced apple crostata were left somewhat untouched although offered to be wrapped to take home.  My favorite picture, which captures the mood of the evening, is below. Bloggers Unite!

Quality Meats joins the many steak and meat-centric restaurants on Miami Beach, but it’s warm Art Deco space and delicious food is a credit to the passionate chef, the competent staff and Quality Meats team.  When you make your reservation make sure you mention if you want to order the Chicken Parm Pizza… just in case, if like in NYC, it gets so popular they run out.

Quality Meats

1501 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL

305 340 3333