Earls Kitchen + Bar: Teenager Approved

Earl Kitchen + Bar Dadeland Fall Menu

Almost three years ago, Earls Kitchen + Bar, the matriarch of upscale casual dining, hailing from my home of Vancouver, Canada, opened up in Miami.  Their stunning 2nd floor location in Dadeland Mall boasts a vibe that has proved appealing to millenials and families alike.

The over 9000 sq ft of space includes a massive, opulent open kitchen which provides the back drop to the intimate banquette area, the craft cocktail bar, the circle sports bar, the high top picnic tables, long communal tables all draped in amazing sunsets through the glass walls.

This past week marked two newsworthy mentions for Earls’ in Florida.  First, the opening of their Orlando location and then the launch of their Fall menu.  I have been going to Earls as far back as I can remember (over 30 years) and the launch of a seasonal menu has always been their forte and something worth making a special trip for.. 

I was invited to sample Earls’ Fall menu items, but knew it would be tough to get through all of them on my own so I enlisted the help of my always hungry 16 year old son, Lucas. 

Earls Kitchen + Bar Dadeland Cocktails

We started with tuna tostadas and some Mommy and Son cocktails, mine was the new Whiskey Sour and his a passion fruit and thyme soda mocktail.

What I have always loved about Earls is the way it reflects where it’s from, through the varied menu. 

Earls Kitchen + Bar Dadeland Steak and Sushi

Vancouver has an abundant Asian population, which nicely woven into many such as the Bibmbap a hot stone rice bowl with veggies and a soft poach egg and then their fun interpretation of surf and turf, Steak and Sushi.  Lucas loved this – his two favorite foods!

Earls Kitchen + Bar Dadeland Warm Kale Salad

A highlight for me was the Warm Kale Salad as it was a delicious and healthy meal in a bowl.  The kale was softened by the warmth of the brown butter vinaigrette and complimented by the textures and flavors of the roasted brussel sprouts, cranberries, baby potatoes and toasted almonds. 

Desserts are a highlight at Earls but I left that to the teenager to tackle.  I can tell you that the sticky toffee chocolate pudding looked amazing though!

So, if you live in South Miami, Earls is an easy spot for cocktails with friends after some shopping or a fun family dinner. Lucas approved!

Earls Kitchen + Bar  

Dadeland Mall, 7535 N Kendall Dr #2510, Miami, FL 33156

(305) 667-1786

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