Burger Beast Opens First Burger Museum at Magic City Casino

Burger Beast Museum Opens in Magic City Casino

Looking for something fun and different to do with the kids this next holiday week?  How about a visit to The Burger Beast Museum, curated by Miami comfort food expert, Burger Beast? Amber Love Bond reports on the museum's grand opening earlier this month.  

About eight years ago, I found myself on a Google search for the best burger in Miami and I stumbled upon a newly started blog, called Burger Beast.  Sef Gonzalez was on the same mission as I was, except he was documenting and sharing with others.  He was one of the very first food blogs in Miami and the moment I found him, I instantly added his link to my bookmark bar – think pre-Facebook and Instagram days.

Flash forward to December 2016 and Sef has spent the last 7 years collecting over 2,000 pieces of burger and comfort food memorabilia that now fill his 1500 square foot Burger Beast Museum space.  The history in the museum spans decades and Sef is eager to share it with everyone.  On my visit I chatted with Burger Beast for over an hour learning about restaurants I had never heard of and talking about ones I missed from my own childhood.  There were even a few that I had been to that he hadn’t, and I was able to share my memories of them with him.

Burger Beast Museum Miami section

Guests at the museum can expect a Miami-only section, featuring blueprints to a 1960s Burger Castle built by one of the original Burger King franchisees and an entire Burger King section.  There’s also a chicken coop built to house the KFC memorabilia. 

Ronald McDonald and Hamburgler

Other notable pieces are the large Ronald McDonald and Hamburgular statues

Burger Beast Museum Quotes

My personal favorites are the large retro burger quotes made my celebrities throughout the space, including Julia Child, Matthew McConaughey, and Sef’s favorite, Josh Ozersky.

There’s a mini-movie theater in the back playing Hamburger America, a documentary by Travel Channel's Burger Land host, George Motz on loop, that’s being sponsored by Pincho Factory ( Motz will also be making a personal appearance on New Year's Eve from 12-2 to sign copies of his books).  Sef says he will continue to collect pieces for the museum and will swap things out over time, meaning the nostalgia will never end.

Entrance is $10 for adults, $5 for kids. The museum is open every Thursday to Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. at Magic City Casino 450 NW 37th Avenue. Call 305-305-3999 for more info.

Burger Beast Museum

450 NW 37th Ave.

Miami, FL