Clives Cafe: A Taste of Jamaica in Miami

This article demands a major disclaimer right up front. Not about Clive’s, but about me.  

As much as I feel compelled to write about Clive’s, you might have noticed I am not Jamaican. People  have had to explain things like “fry bammy” to me, sometimes twice.  I’m not writing this article like someone who moves to Miami and finds Jamaican food like they ate whilst rafting in St. Mary, Jamaica. I’m just a huge fan of Jamaican food – and in particular – a huge fan of Clive’s Café. So the love is authentic, but my Jamaican heritage is suspect at best. 

Now, everyone “making it with love” at Clive’s IS authentic. Authentically Jamaican, and authentically making it with love as their slogan states. 

I never visited Clive’s when it was in Wynwood, but I have been a regular at their new location in Little Haiti for a while now. (5890 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127‎ Tel: (305) 757-6512) If I’m in town, I’m at Clive’s once a week. 

I’ve eaten my way through the whole menu and I’ve never been disappointed once. Although you can come right in and sit down in the dining area, my usual routine is to go to the counter and say hello to Pearline first. She’s a sweetheart and always has a suggestion of what’s good. Then I’ll grab my Ting and go sit down. 

If I had to choose Clive’s greatest hits, it would be these:

On Wednesdays, you need to try the Stew Peas. I’ve asked an expert and they have all the requisite ingredients including pig’s tail and “spinners” (dumplings). If it’s a rainy day, and even if it’s not, this is quite the proper lunch. 

Any day is a great day for jerk chicken or jerk pork – both of which are exceptional, bountiful and a steal with sides of rice and peas and steamed vegetables, cabbage or plantains. 

Curry is wonderful as well, both chicken and goat, as is the Brown Stew Chicken, Fried Fish...    I could go on and on. Breakfast is also available in both traditional American and Jamaican versions. Drinks include fruit juices, Caribbean sodas and my all-time favorite, grapefruit flavored Ting. Lawks! I’m wanting to go right


Clives Cafe

5890 NW Second Ave.

Miami FL

305 757 6512


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