Saturday Sweets: Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream + Yogurt Lab

OR... "Science Never Tasted So Good"

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream + Yogurt Lab to taste some of their insanely delicious creations.  This family-friendly lab is living up to their slogan “science never tasted so good” by making it possible to create over 100 different combinations in a matter of minutes! 

On this trip I got to sample quite a few fun flavors:

·       Cubanito – a truly Miami-inspired cream cheese ice cream with chunks of guava that’s finished with a Maria cookie and a syringe of guava.  Let it be known, even though I’m a Miami girl, I’ve never been a fan of guava but this ice cream is one I had no problem gobbling up!

·       Nutella OMG! – my absolute favorite! Honestly, you could probably smother a piece of cardboard in Nutella and I would still happily eat it.  This ice cream definitely lives up to its name! The Nutella ice cream tastes like you’re eating the Nutella straight from the jar (believe me, I’m very experienced in that area) then it’s filled with Oreo pieces and a syringe of gooey caramel.  SO good!

·       Chemistry – this one is a major sweet tooth’s dream!  The dulce de leche ice cream with white chocolate chips and whipped cream is perfectly complimented with a syringe of condensed milk, yum!

·       Mango Frozen Yogurt – a treat that needs no explanation: fresh mango perfection! So refreshing and simple.  It would be perfect on a summer day – which is basically every day for us!

·       Caramel Bourbon – new to the menu (and maybe not even officially on it) this one has bourbon infused directly into the caramel ice cream for that perfect kick we’re all looking for!

Brain Freeze’s first location was opened by Christine and Gabriel Fraga in the city of Doral in April 2015

Christi, a councilwoman for Doral, wanted to create a gathering place for their friends and families as Doral appeared to be lacking one.  Once they came up with the concept, they became mad scientists in order to create an exciting menu with options for everyone. 

The ice cream base can be cream, yogurt, sugar free/non-fat, or even vegan, making sure no one ever has to be turned down!  Rather than the usual two-step ice cream making process the liquid nitrogen makes it possible to make each cup (or cone) of ice cream completely from scratch the moment you place your order.  Their ice cream is frozen right before your eyes, which not only increases the taste and the smoothness but always prevents any ice crystals from forming.  No extra sugars or preservatives are needed – in my eyes that makes it almost “healthy” ice cream, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I continue to try new flavors!

Brain Freeze is offering ice cream, frozen yogurt, waffle cups, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, and coffee at two locations.  With almost 30 ice cream flavors, 50+ toppings, and 5 different flavored syringes it’s safe to say it’s going to take a while to try the entire menu.

Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream + Yogurt Lab

3905 NW 107 Avenue, 106, Miami, FL 33178

and 8711 SW 124th Ave Miami, Florida 33183