Saturday Sweets: Donut Divas and Fun Foods

Donut Divas and Fun Foods Miami

Once again, Amber Love Bond hits our sweet tooth with Saturday Sweets!  This week, MIAbites “sweetest” contributor takes us to Donut Divas and Fun Foods for a major sugar coma.

Donut Divas and Fun Foods are bringing carnival/fair themed food to Miami all year long!  Yojani and Maria are the divas behind the fried sweet (and some savory) treats being offered at their shop for everyone to enjoy.  With a menu that includes Fried Oreos, Red Velvet Fried Oreos (my favorite), Mini Donuts, Funnel Cakes, Churros, Chocolate Fountains, and Candy Apples you’re sure to fall into a deep sugar coma in no time.  Donut Divas are available to cater events and even to host parties in their own shop.  Complete with skee ball, a photo area with fun props and a stage for performers, their circus themed décor makes you feel like you’re really spending your time under the big top, boasting the popular slogan “Come One Come All.”

Donut Divas and Fun Foods Churros and Fried Oreos

Donut Divas offer an array of customizable fair foods and treat stations for parties of any size.  With over 36,000 followers on Instagram, you can get a sneak peek of the goodies offered. There’s even a nacho station, which sounds like heaven to me, but I know I know – we’re all here for the sweets – so let’s get back to those! 

I am a diehard fan of their Red Velvet Fried Oreos.  I’ve had them at several events and I still keep finding myself coming back for more.  They even won first place at Dessert Wars 2016 hosted at UM a couple months ago.  These Oreos are warm and crispy on the outside, but once you bite into them you realize they are soft pillowy bites of happiness.  I am a sucker for anything red velvet and to be honest after eating a few of those regular Fried Oreos just didn’t do it for me anymore.

Donut Divas serve their goodies on raised platters with three different sauces that can be used to drizzle or dip until your heart is content.  There’s a cream cheese icing that tastes more like a full slice of cheesecake (yum!), a chocolate sauce that is thick and full of cocoa (perfect for dipping churros, hello churros con chocolate), and the classic condensed milk that we are all guilty of eating it by the spoonful at least once in a lifetime!  If you are into things that are fried and covered in powdered sugar then this is definitely a place you need to check out. 

Donut Divas and Fun Food Popcorn

BUT, If you aren’t into fried and covered in powdered sugar and would prefer some salty with your sweet then I suggest checking out their flavored popcorns.  I’ve eaten my fair share of both the cherry and the caramel coated popcorn and I highly recommend them.  They also have an impressive Candy Cart with everything from lollipops to marshmallow candies and licorices all displayed in a red wooden carnival style cart.  While I am all for eating myself into a constant sugar coma, I will admit after my most recent trip to Donut Divas and Fun Foods I immediately left and ate a salad after just so I didn’t feel so guilty!  But sometimes it’s nice to eat dessert first, you know, to insure that you don’t get too full and end up skipping dessert!

Donut Divas & Fun Foods

5779 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144

(305) 456-5975