RECAP: Chef Jeremiah’s Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose Chef Jeremiah

Looking forward to the weekend is a universal pastime – especially if you like to eat.

We all start planning our next weekend as soon as Sunday night rolls around and we are faced with the impending “Work Week”. Those of us into celebrating food can take this to an extreme, filling up the calendar weeks in advance in anticipation of a pop-up, chef collaboration, burger bash or pig-centric party. And these days, Miami has amazing food events seemingly every weekend.

One of my favorites is Chef Jeremiah’s annual P.I.G Event. You all know Chef Jeremiah…the big bearded guy and creator of the first Miami pop-up…Gastropod in Wynwood. The signature Airstream may have been replaced but Jeremiah’s creativity and dynamite food is still there.

I’ll admit it. I’m a huge fan of P.I.G. Not only do I love all pork products, but I’m sold on the idea of going to one event and trying dishes from some of the greatest chefs in South Florida and beyond. I’m there every year.

Duck Duck Goose Chefs

So, when Chef Jeremiah announced his “Duck Duck Goose” event and made the list of participating chefs available, which included: Brad Kilgore of Alter, Will Crandall of Izzy’s Fish & Oyster, James Strine of Cafe Boulud in West Palm, Patrick Rebholz of Quality Meats, Phuket Thongsodchaveondee (Cake) of Cake Thai, Gabriel Ask of Faena Hotel, Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak and Bar, Steve Santana of Taquiza, Brian Mullins of Ms. Cheezious, Babe Froman of Babe Froman Fine Sausages, and Josh Gripper of The Dutch, it took me a millisecond to put it on the calendar. His purpose was to celebrate local natural ducks from Lake Meadows.

Duck and Foie in the hands of THOSE chefs? Come ON now!

In my opinion, DDG was even better than the P.I.G. events I’ve attended. And that is saying a TON! Although tickets sold out early, the crowd was not too big, allowing all of us a chance to easily sample the creations of each of the chefs. There were some amazing dishes. Cocktails were provided by Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply .

Duck Duck Goose Sweet Liberty Bartender

It was one of those events you simply wished would go on for hours and hours. As for the food, I had a few personal favorites:

Duck Duck Goose Brad Kilgore Foie

1.     Foie Gras and Rabbit Pavé - fermented sunchoke yogurt, mushroom dashi, yellow raisin, anise hyssop, preserved marigold petals by Brad Kilgore from Alter.

Duck Duck Goose Taquiza Tamale

2.     Tamal Colado de Pato - White Cónico Duck Fat Tamal, Roast Duck “powder”, Mole Negro by Steve Santana from Taquiza.

Duck Duck Goose Daniel Boulud Blood Sausage

3.     Korean Duck-Foie-Blood Sausage by James Strine from Café Boulud WPB.

Duck Duck Goose Josh Gripper French Toast

4.     French Toast fried in Duck Fat, Compressed Honeydew, Duck Prosciutto & Mint Chantilly by Josh Gripper from The Dutch.

All in all, it made for an incredible weekend event. The pressure just increased for Chef Jeremiah, however. He’s got TWO sensational events we all want to put on our calendars each year!

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