The 1st Miami Latte Art Competition at Threefold Cafe Saturday 6/11

Miami Latte Art Competition at Threefold Cafe

In a sure sign that the specialty coffee culture is growing by leaps and “beans”  in Miami, there’s a Latte Art competition this coming Saturday, June 11th at 4pm at Threefold Café in Coral Gables.

Over the last few months, Nick Sharp from Threefold Café, Ryan Hall from Panther Coffee and MIAbites own @AndyMiami, Andrew Giambarba,  have been hosting monthly coffee tastings at different locations around Miami. The response has been extremely enthusiastic with an ever growing attendance that has pushed some venues to maximum capacity. Attendees have been introduced to a number of single origin coffees and different tasting and brewing techniques as the gatherings have been as informative as they have been fun.

The next logical step was to focus on the artistic side of combining milk and espresso. The creative designs that top a cup of latte are even considered an integral part of professional barista competitions. With a tremendous wave of support from the coffee and business community, the first Latte Art competition promises $500 to the winner and an equal or greater contribution to the charity chosen as the first recipient: “Touching Miami With Love”.

Competition is open to anyone who has been practicing their latte art skills, no need to be a professional barista. Or just stop by to cheer on your favorite local barista…as the competition heats up!

For more information email or See you at 4pm at Threefold Café’s 141 Giralda Ave location in Coral Gables.

ThreeFold Café

141 Giralda Ave.

Coral Gables,  FL