Synchronicity at The Setai

Setai and Per'la Coffee Roasters on Miami Beach

When the new owners of The Setai Miami Beach took control of the luxury hotel in early 2015, they charted a course towards the vision of what the storied property could be. Included in this plan was a desire to integrate their vision with the best Miami has to offer. They wanted to be a location that could showcase local products that lived up to the very high standards of the Forbes five-star hotel and the expectations of the ownership group.

At roughly the same time, two buddies whose friendship began years prior at the University of Miami ( see photo below of then and now ), were discussing a possible partnership in Specialty Coffee. Paul Massard had put in years of work, rising through the ranks to become one of the approximately 350 Q-Graders in the US - the coffee industry equivalent of a sommelier. Originally from Colombia, not only was coffee in Paul’s blood, but he worked in all facets of the coffee industry after college. It was time to put his signature on a roasting operation of his own. His good friend from college, Chris Nolte, had honed his business skills in both corporate logistics and sales - in perfect preparation for an endeavor such as their newly minted Per’La Specialty Roasters.

Per'La founders then...and now...

Per'La founders then...and now...

You can see where this is all going, right? Right people. Right product. Right place. Right time.

So it made sense that The Setai, in partnership with Miami based coffee brand Per’La Specialty Roasters, tapped local for their exclusive “Setai House Blend.” The hotel has introduced two specialty-grade blends of coffee. The “Setai House Blend” combines beans originating from Indonesia, Central, and South America and brings tasting notes of citrus, almond, and dark chocolate while the Cold Brew blend delivers tasting notes of caramel, grape, and chocolate by combining beans from Guatemala and Brazil which are then extracted for over 16 hours. The cold brew extraction methods differs from hot brewing in that it delivers a refreshing beverage with lower acidity and higher caffeine content by using room temperature water.

“We felt Per’La Specialty Roasters coffee brought a true vision for The Setai,” stated Christian Maeder, Director of Food & Beverage. “From the location of where the beans were sourced to being roasted right here in Miami, the “Setai House Blend” is a true representation of our brand.”

Setai La Perla Macchiato

"The Setai is one of South Florida's finest hotels and depicts the ultimate when it comes to luxury hospitality," says Chris Nolte, Per'La's Co-Founder. "We wanted to make sure that the blend not only stayed true to The Setai's vision but also captured the luxurious elements in every sip."  "It was a honor to work with the The Setai's food and beverage team to create their signature blend which effortlessly combines high-end, specialty coffee components with the hotel's Pan-Asian features," added Per'La Co-Founder Paul Massard.

Setai La Perla Cold Brew

The signature roast used for all espresso based drinks on the property was developed over many sample roastings, tastings and even a very early morning delivery of beans to the airport when some of The Setai decision makers wanted to take beans with them to sample.

The benefits of using a local roaster are many. In this case, Per’La is able to provide a level of responsiveness that a larger and more impersonal coffee operation can’t even dream of. A local roaster is able to hand deliver product to a property in minutes - something a sales rep that handles four or five states simply can’t do. If staff needs training, or machines need calibration, Per’La is there right away. This assurance of consistent excellence for the guest experience is the goal of all luxury properties. And Per’La delivers.

Setai La Perla Cappuccino

Stop by the Setai on Miami Beach and order a coffee. The Setai Blend by Per'La is now being served at all food and beverage outlets within the hotel including The Setai’s Jaya restaurant and The Setai Bar. Or sit outside in the Zen-like courtyard and reflecting pool and make it a power brunch with the delicious weekday breakfast/brunch buffet at Jaya Monday-Saturday from 7 am to 11 am for $35 or Sunday Jazz Brunch 11:30 until 3:30 with carving stations and full meal options at $85.

The Setai

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Miami Beach FL.

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