Fix Your Gut: Radiate Apothecary at Wynwood Yard

Radiate Apothecary Wynwood Yard Miami

How often do you go with your gut? And I don’t mean: did you get that feeling inside that helped you decide between bacon dates or duck-fat fries on the menu. As if you could pick just one. I am, however, referring to the health of your gut. The stomach. The belly. That part of us we fill with all the noms and other goods. Did you know a healthy gut is the first step to overall wellness?

We caught up with Susan Duprey, creator of Radiate Apothecary and a nutritionist, whose passion for gut health began with her clinical work in the human microbiome. Susan knows there are extreme benefits from maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the stomach. From hormonal imbalances, diabetes, rosacea and even depression and anxiety, most of it stems from the gut.

One of the ways to begin restoring the balance in the gut is by eating fermented foods aka probiotic foods. And as much as we love pork belly on a stick, every now and then it’s important to keep things in check. Susan is your girl. At her pop-up inside The Wynwood Yard, she is providing a one-stop source for healthy eats like cultured vegetables, nuts and traditional condiments as well as kombucha popsicles.

Radiate Apothecary Healthy Vegan Eating In Miami

The kombucha popsicles and kefir ice cream have no added sugar. With ingredients like probiotic coconut cream and chai spice, you will reap the health benefits along with satisfying that sweet craving. In addition, vegetables and condiments are offered based on seasonal availability; which reminds me, that’s how we should be eating, too!

With Radiate Apothecary you can also join the Healing Food Community. This is a great idea if you are not too sure on how to start the transition into eating for your gut on your own. You will receive weekly boxes of locally sourced raw vegan foods. It is accessible to everyone regardless of your diet preference. Everyone can use a few more plants in their diet anyways.

It only takes one step in their right direction to get your feet moving. Stop by Radiate Apothecary inside The Wynwood Yard and you will find Susan or another holistic coach on location. They can answer your questions about internal as well as external health. Just get the conversation started!

Radiate Apothecary

The Wynwood Yard

56 NW 29th St.

Miami FL.