Saturday Sweets: Dessert Trends for 2017

Miami Desserts Trends 2017

Photo Credit:  Instagram images from Antonio Bachour and Soraya Kilgore

Saturday Sweets is back for 2017!  New Year, Same Me, More Desserts!  Along with a new year, new trends always seem to come along.  Last year was very clearly the year of the donut as we all saw with the takeover by the many donut spots all over the city, including The Salty Donut, Honeybee Doughnuts, the second location of Mojo Donuts, Donut Fest being held in Wynwood Yard, etc.  I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring to the decadent world of desserts. 

I asked a few of my favorite pastry masters around the city what they think will be the next big thing in this sweet world we are living in and here’s what they are predicting:

Josh Gripper, The Dutch at the W Miami Beach

So this isn't really a trend but I think in 2017 the City of Miami will embrace artisan bakers and creative pastry chefs. Desserts in general will be less of an afterthought and something diners look forward too. I have seen some incredibly creative and beautiful desserts cross my Instagram.

Soraya Kilgore, Alter and Brava by Brad Kilgore

Soraya Kilgore Dessert with Tarragon

Desserts are going to have a lot more savory herbs being used in them.  Which I love since that is one of the things I enjoy doing the most!  Add some micro cilantro or tarragon in it and make it pop!  Color will be important as will unique flavors and use of ingredients. 

Giorgio Rapicavoli, Eating House and Glass & Vine

I think desserts will become more environmentally conscious.  At Eating House we plan on focusing our efforts on eliminating food waste.  We’ve already made semifreddo with sweet potato skins and are using spent coffee grains for roasting fruits.

Antonio Bachour, Bachour Bakery + Bistro

I think we will see a lot of desserts that take inspiration from the past, but that will be recreated to offer a new and fun modern presentation.  I also think that we will continue to see the rise of healthier desserts.

Max Santiago, The Salty Donut

 I would say that turning popular drinks and/or cocktails or other favorite food into desserts seems to be a hot trend and it's been super successful for us at The Salty Donut. The New Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cannoli has been selling out everyday with Fireball Whiskey Caramel drizzle and Rum flavored Rumchata White Chocolate. 

 Actually, I also think my donut letters are going to catch on!!! I just made another batch yesterday. 

Salty Donut Miami Donut Letters

I think those are all possible trends that I can get behind.  I enjoy the idea of a little savory action in my desserts and a little healthier is always better.  I would be happiest if Josh’s prediction came truethat’s always been my mindset and I’m a big believer that those who are in the pastry kitchen deserve more attention, hence the birth of Saturday Sweets!

The Forge Miami Beach Birthday Cake Souffle

I personally think rich luscious and almost childlike desserts are going to make landfall in the near future.  One of my first desserts of the year was at The Forge – a birthday cake soufflé served with fun colorful buttercream and sprinkles.  It made me smile and feel like I was one of the Lost Boys in Hook at the huge table during dinner.  I would love to see more desserts that provoke nostalgia.  But let’s be honest, no matter what the trends may be – I’ll still make my rounds and try them all!  Stay tuned for another deliciously sweet year ahead!