Spris Artisan Pizza opens in South Miami

Spris artisan pizza

Popular local artisan pizza haunt, Spris Pizza, has officially opened their fourth South Florida location in South Miami, and to celebrate, MIAbites was invited to preview some of their best dishes. From Italian classics to fusion twists to tasty desserts, this menu tasting was one to remember and a great introduction to what Spris has to offer…besides pizza.

Bruschetta Trio

Spris Pizza Bruschetta Trio

The night started off with their Bruschetta Trio. A sampler of three different kinds of yummy bites. The avocado and cilantro was light and creamy, the classic tomato and basil was refreshing and bright and the mozzarella spice came with a house made chili sauce called La Bomba. All piled high on top of crunchy and chewy Italian bread.

Marco Polo Salad

Spris Pizza Marco Polo Salad

The next course was an Asian fusion salad named after the Italian explorer, Marco Polo. The salad was a mixture of cabbage, cucumber, Asian spiced chicken, wontons and a spicy oriental sauce.

The chicken was tender and charred to a smoky perfection, the wontons and cucumbers added crunch and texture to the whole dish and the spicy oriental sauce gave everything the perfect kick.

Capricciosa Pizza

Spris Pizza Cappriososa

The night’s main event was up next. The Capricciosa Pizza. A favorite topped with ham, black olives, artichokes, and mushrooms.

The pizza was cooked in a classic brick fire oven that gave the thin crust a crispy and chewy texture. The black olives gave every bite a salty pop that balanced out with the sweetness from the ham. The artichokes and mushrooms added a rich flavor and texture to the whole dish. All that with the perfectly melty and stringy mozzarella cheese put this pizza on top. Spris has over 25 different pizzas on the menu and can be made with whole wheat or gluten-free dough for an extra charge.


Spris Pizza Nuttelino

The night ended with dessert, as should every night. The dessert calzone was stuffed with warm Nutella and topped with whip cream and powdered chocolate.

The gooey Nutella flowed out of the sweet dough making every bite a decadent sensation.  A satisfying end to a great night filled with classic and creative dishes.

If you ever find yourself it the Sunset area of Miami, be sure to swing by Spris Artisan Pizza for a slice of cheesy goodness.

Spris Pizza

5748 Sunset Dr.

South Miami, FL 33143

(786) 535-1042