Saturday Sweets: Museum of Ice Cream

museum of ice cream

The Museum of Ice Cream opened its fourth location on Miami Beach. The coveted timed ticket costs $38 and are available only online with many dates/times sold out. As ice cream lovers, some of the MIAbites team made our way to check it out. While we wouldn’t really consider it to be a museum as much as it is an Instagramable art installation, it was still entertaining and fun. The four-story building features several interactive rooms in every shade of pink imaginable and of course, ends with the Sprinkle Pool( which has garnered its own controversy, as considered an "environmental hazard" pollutant recently by the City of Miami Beach).

Upon entering the museum your fortune is told by the ice cream fortune teller before you go into the Bunns Shake room featuring a chocolate ice cream conveyor belt giving guests a sweet treat to start the adventure. This room is set up as a 1950s diner complete with a throwback video game to keep you entertained. Next guests step outside with the fun balloon art piece before heading upstairs to the Fan-tastic room, a room filled with giant, life-sized fans that are meant to be interacted with.


The Jungle Room is one of the most exciting rooms with millennial pink palm trees, a topping canopy, a swing shaped like a cherry, a banana swing, and a “secret” coconut sparkle mini room. Grab your best Instagram photos here while you enjoy a frozen banana covered in chocolate. 

museum of ice cream

Next up you’ll find the the Sandcastle Dreams room, where you can play in the sand and create your own pink sandcastle before moving on to the Sweet Sculpture Studio, to build your own sculptures.

Somewhere along the way you’ll find the Melted Ice Cream room, which is special for the Miami location and serves exactly what you’d think -- melted ice cream. Head to the room for a popsicle-city “frozen in time” just before heading back down to the sprinkle pool.

melted ice cream

You’re bound to have seen the infamous Sprinkle Pool on your Instagram feed. A word of warning -- it smells a bit funky in there and you’ve only got a three minute window to get that perfect photo while sharing the pool with 15 other people before your time is up and the next group it brought in. Our group waited in line for 45 minutes before we made it to the pool and our time in there was over before we knew it.

Overall it’s a cute experience (although we wish there was more ice cream), but be ready to wait in lines and be ushered through each room. If you’re quick with the camera, then you’re sure to get some great shots. Museum of Ice Cream Miami is open Wednesday to Monday until the end of January. Tickets are $38 per person and must be bought online before arrival. Get your tickets here.