Saturday Sweets: Sweet Eats at #SOBEWFF

Saturday sweets SOBEWFF recap

Last week Food Network and Cooking Channel’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival took over South Beach with tons of celebrity chefs, food, and alcohol. Of course, there were plenty of desserts to choose from - in fact; there were TWO dessert specific events! Naturally I made sure I was at both.

Friday night, The Sarsaparilla Club hosted Salty, Sweet & Savory Treats featuring The Salty Donut, Sarsaparilla Club, and The Bar Lab Boys poolside at the Shelborne. There was no shortage of desserts on deck, especially with Chef Max Santiago of The Salty Donut involved. All of the usual favorites were present - Maple Bacon, Guava, Traditional Glazed, and Brown Butter + Salt. But the serious show stopper was made exclusively for SOBEWFF. The Passion Fruit + Dark Chocolate + Salted Caramel: salted caramel glaze, passion fruit foam and gel, dark chocolate ganache, house made chocolate garnishes and edible blossoms from Swank Specialty Produce. It was just as delicious as it was beautiful! I was lucky enough to sneak an extra one and save it for breakfast the next morning.  

Salty Donut Miami SOBEWFF

Saturday night Duff Goldman’s Decadent Dessert Party at The National Hotel featuring desserts from Night Owl Cookies, Fireman Derek’s Pies, Sweet Guilt, Kuro at Hard Rock Casino, Smitten Ice Cream, Zak the Baker, and more. Coffee and Grey Goose cocktails were served in fun champagne flutes and helped cut the rich sweetness the desserts. My favorite of the night was the Signature Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Tart infused with chili honey made using Valrhona chocolate from Sweet Guilt. It was sparkly and decadent, just as the name of the event promised.

Duff Goldman Desserts at SOBEWFF

Not really a dessert, but a guilty pleasure for sure, was the presence of PEEPS®, that sugary marshmallow chick-shaped Easter favorite that has been around for over 60 years and has many times reinvented itself into different colors, Holiday shapes and flavors.  PEEPS® was at SOBEWFF to launch PEEPS® Delights, a chocolate dipped and crème filled treat. Food Network star, Katie Lee of Katie Lee Kitchen was on hand with her special recipe of Seven Layer Bar topped with a Coconut Chocolate dipped PEEPS®. The chewy, chocolately, coconut treats were one of the highlights at the Grand Tasting Village and we even scored an interview with Katie, who shared with us that she has always loved PEEPS® and how fun it was to create a fun, treat that was easy to make for a fun family-friendly activity.  She even shared with us her recipe which is on PEEPS® website link here


One of my favorite bakeries, (in fact it’s where I write most of my Saturday Sweet articles!) Sweetness Bakeshop was on site at multiple events this weekend serving Guava Cupcakes at Grand Tasting, Yuzu Key Lime Pie at Lucky Chopsticks, and Guava Maria Cookies at Croquetas and Champagne. While there is always tons of food to be expected at South Beach Wine and Food Festival, it’s great to know you are also sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while there!

Sweetness BakeShop Miami SOBEWFF

Save the Date for next years SOBEWFF, FEBRUARY 21-25, 2018.