Italian Culinary Tours in Miami: 4 Neighborhoods 4 Restaurants 4 Courses

Italy America Chamber of Commerce Culinary Tour

The Italy- America Chamber of Commerce Southeast is excited to announce the first edition of The Italian Culinary Tour in Miami for April 25-26, and May 2-3.

As the tourist season winds down and Miami returns to mostly local residents, The Italian Culinary Tour supports those local restaurants and hard working chefs that are here for us year round.  The tour bases itself on the concept of a mobile meal, where participants can not only taste different food and wines, but also have the possibility to follow a true “Path of Taste” moving from one restaurant to the other in order to explore new locations and the Italian Lifestyle.

Attendees will have the opportunity to not only discover new flavors but also to participate in culinary sessions with Chefs as well as Italian sommeliers for the wine pairings.

The event seeks to develop and promote the authentic traditions of Italian food products and upgrade the culture of Italian food and wine with local consumers. The tour showcases the best of Italian food, wine, and entertainment in one night through a guided tour of four of the most authentic and excellent Italian restaurants in Miami.

Each tour takes almost four hours with each restaurant stop about 30-40 minutes. 

In some cases, transfers from one restaurant to the other will be by private coach, when the next stop on the tour is not within walkable distance.

The Italian Culinary Tour visits four neighborhoods: April 25 – 26 and May 2 – 3 and includes a four-course dinner in four local Italian Restaurants per tour and is priced at $50 pp per tour.  

See schedule and ticket info below:


1.     Salumeria 104

2.     Riviera Focacceria

3.     Ironside Pizza

4.     ‘O Munaciello

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1.      Cibo Wine Bar

2.     Pappa e Ciccia

3.     Bacaro

4.     Forte dei Marmi  

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1.     Toscana

2.     Farfalle

3.     Fratelli Milano

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1.     Zucca

2.    Cibo Wine Bar

3.    Strada in The Grove

4.     Spasso

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