RECAP: Cake Thai Japanese Craft Beer Dinner

Cake Thai Beer Dinner

Did you know that most of the familiar brands of Japanese beer available in the United States are produced right here in the US or in Canada?  Anheuser-Busch produces Kirin in Virginia, while Sapporo and Asahi are both produced in Canada.

And so began our introduction to the Japanese Craft Beer Dinner this past Wednesday at Cake Thai Wynwood.  The craft beers produced in Japan with names like Echigo Kishuhikari Rice Lager and Iwatekura Oyster Stout were paired expertly by Chef Phuket Thongsodchreondee’s, (@KZCake) authentic Thai cuisine for a five course tasting menu.  It was a delicious evening with some of the longest names I have ever seen on a menu.

Cake Thai Japanese Craft Beers

The menu included dishes not on the Cake Thai menu, and while I love his regular menu, there were a number of standout dishes that I hope he will consider adding or featuring as specials.  General Manager, Gabby Korakot did the honors of describing each dish, while a knowledgeable representative from the Japanese beer distributor explained the pairings.

Cake Thai Beer Dinner menu

The first dish, Pla Chae Nampla, was a fresh crudo of Dorade, a light white fish that was filleted, the skin torched to create a crispy topping and served cold in a cilantro oil.  The light Koshihikari Rice Lager produced by Echigo, who also produces top quality sake, was the perfect complement.

Cake Thai Crudo

The next dish was paired with a fruity IPA, Ryujin Shuzo Oze No Yukidoke and was my favorite dish of the evening, so here’s my pitch that Chef Cake consider adding it to menu.

Pla Yang Yum Mamuang was a Grilled Swordfish accompanied by a crisp, fresh green mango salad, thai chilis and toasted cashews.  The fish was so fresh and each bite with the mango salad was simply delicious.  Good thing the word YUM is in the very long Thai dish name!

Cake Thai Beer dinner swordfish mango salad

Echigo Premium Red Ale offered a caramelly contrast to the traditional Pad Kaprao, of stir fry beef, hot basil leaf, and side of jasmine rice topped with a fried quail egg.  Another winning dish I would love to see on menu.

Cake Thai Pad Kaprao

And yes, the Gold Medal winning, Iwatekura Oyster Stout is produced by the beer fermenting in vats with oysters.  The flavor ended up rich and almost chocolately.  And Chef Cake picked Goong OB Woon Sen, a dish that is baked in a deep dish and included Madagascar prawns, pork belly, soy sauce and clear glass noodles.

Cake Thai Prawns

Stout beer ended the evening as well, with Echigo Stout paired with Patonggo Pang Beer,  stout beer battered Thai donuts, chocolate cremuex and a dribble of white truffle oil and stout reduction.

Cake Thai Stour beer battered Thai donuts

The evening was quite unique with an obviously well-thought out menu and pairings and stellar service from the staff and kitchen.

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