Gluten free Pizza at Ironside Kitchen Pizza and Cafe

La Farinata at Ironside Kitchen Pizza and Café

La Farinata at Ironside Kitchen Pizza and Café

Welcome to MIAbites Guest Contributor, Alejandro Fertitta, of, a local food blog focused on gluten free dining options.  Today’s feature is on everyone’s favorite, PIZZA…and his discovery of gluten free pizza.  Thank you for sharing this important find!

To say we’re partial to Italian cuisine would be a bit of an understatement… especially when gluten free Italian options are few and far between. That’s why we’re always grateful when we find places like Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee. Named after the Ironside District situated in the historic Little River Industrial District, Ironside Kitchen prides itself on its authenticity and quality of the foods they serve their customers.

The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe with outside seating located both in the front and back courtyard. You’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful art, flowers, and shade-bearing trees you almost don’t even want to sit inside. The restaurant itself has glass windows from top to bottom and has a warm inviting feel to it. With music playing throughout, you feel transported to another place… unlike the regular Miami restaurant scene.

Ironside Recommendations:

When you make it to Ironside you MUST order La “Farinata.” You will NOT find this in any other Italian restaurant in Miami, and it’s one of the most authentic Italian foods you can enjoy. It is made with garbanzo bean flour and is beyond delicious and you can pretty much eat it on its own but the geniuses at Ironside paired it perfectly with an arugula and cherry tomato salad, taggiasca olives, prosciutto, and ricotta.

Munch Miami Regina Gluten free pizza

Ironside’s pizzas are cooked in a classic wood-burning oven and feature a nice crispy thin crust, light sauce, and loaded with flavor. For an extra $4, any pizza can be made gluten free using Caputo’s Gluten Free flour. Our favorites were the Regina, normally served with a white sauce, we had ours with classic tomato, and it’s regular toppings of fresh cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmigiano, prosciutto crudo, and mozzarella fiordilatte.

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Ironside Kitchen Pizza and Coffee   

7580 NE 4th Ct,

Miami, FL 33138

(305) 902-5016